Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto Manga Sees Kurama’s Death, Sasuke Lossing Rinnegan, and Kawaki’s Promise

The latest Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 55 is finally out and you can now read it online. The chapter features the departure of one of the major character in the series, Kurama, the Jinchuriki of Naruto. Kurama’s departure is not the only one that has been lost in the chapter as the powerful eye of Sasuke is also gone.

Following the epic fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki, we finally got the real result of the effect of Naruto’s Baryon mode. While many of the fans feared that Naruto will be gone in the next chapter, it seems that Kurama’s life is the price of this powerful transformation.

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Kurama’s Life Sacrifice

The start of Chapter 55 features Naruto and Kurama speaking with each other. As we all know, Naruto has been unconcious in the previous chapter. The new chapter sees how Naruto tried to bid farewell to Kurama but the Nine-tailed Fox revealed unexpected truth.

According to Kurama, the Baryon mode was successful due to their strong bond and he also said that cost of it was his life, and not Naruto’s life. Due to Naruto’s nature, Kurama did not said the complete details of the price of this strong transformation.

Kurama said that the Jinchuriki will only die if the Biju has been extracated, which is not the case between him and Naruto. Biju’s chakra simply vanishes, which means that the Biju’s life is the one at risk. This only means that due to the nature of the Baryon mode, it will cost the life of Kurama.

Kurama Didn’t Lie to Naruto

Upon explaining how the Baryon mode works, Kurama clarified that he never lied to Naruto. Not even once. The only thing that he do was to give Naruto incomplete details about the price of the Baryon mode.

Naruto realized that Kurama mislead him but the tailed beast said that if he told him all the details, Naruto may hesitate or oppose the Baryon mode.

Kurama’s Last Words to Naruto

The manga chapter sees an emotional farewell between Naruto and Kurama. Just before leaving, Kurama told Naruto to be extra careful as he is no longer has the superhuman strenght anymore. Kurama advinced his friend not to overdo everything or he will be joining him in the afterlife not time. “But until that day comes, you be well, Naruto,” Kurama added before disappearing into thin air.

Sasuke Losing the Power of Rennigan

The next spread of the chapter sees how Sasuke asking Boruto to use his power to make a portal back to the Konoha. Due to the attack that Boruto did while being controlled by Momoshiki, Sasuke can no longer use the power of his Rennigan.

“This is not your Fault,” Sasuke told Boruto. “We are all prepared to die. We need to count ourselves lucky to have won and survived,” he added to console and encourage Boruto.

Code Becoming the New Otsutsuki

Just before the chapter ends, we still got to see Isshiki appearing in the manga. Isshiki Otsutsuki made his reapperance as he speaks with Code. Similar to Kurama, Isshiki made his last wish to his follower and give Code the instruction on how he will inherit the power of an Otsutsuki.

According to Isshiki, Code need to consecrate either Kawaki or Uzumaki Boruto to the Ten Tails and cultivate a Divine Tree, then eat the chakra fruit that the tree bears. Isshiki Otsutsuki clarifies that by doing this, Code will become a new Otsutsuki.

Kawaki Promises to Remove Boruto’s Karma

The scene returns to Boruto as he keeps on trying to make a portal back to their village. While waiting for Boruto to create a portal, Kawaki expressed his gratitude to Boruto and everyone else following the removal of his Karma.

Knowing what he went through, Kawaki promised that he will help and remove Boruto’s karma too. “I’ll somehow get rid of your Karma. I swear it,” Kawaki told Boruto. “We promised to help each other, remember?” Kawaki added.

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