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Boruto Episode 200 Release Date, Discussions, and Spoilers

The development of Boruto’s anime is undoubtedly exciting. Kawaki’s inclusion in the series plot has given Naruto a new son, and Uzumaki is ready to destroy everything and everyone to protect this new member. However, although he is only a boy, Kawaki is basically a “magnet” for problems, and we don’t know if Naruto will be able to deal with all the obstacles that will appear in the future due to this new son. Check it out when the 200th episode of Boruto comes out!

Kawaki’s presence in the life of Uzumaki brought a powerful villain in the series, Delta. In order to recover Kawaki, Delta begins to fight Naruto, generating one of the best conflicts ever presented in the anime so far in terms of animation and power. During the fight, Delta comments that Naruto will never be able to defeat her, as he is just a simple human.

The outcome of the fight, however, made Delta swallow what she said. After the end, Naruto finished her off with a Giant Super Rasengan Jutsu that she was unable to absorb.

Below is a short recap of episode 199 of Boruto’s anime and then the release date for episode 200.

Naruto vs Delta

Boruto Episode 199 Recap

Kawaki loses his hand in an attempt to save Naruto and Himawari from the Delta. Naruto, determined to fight Delta, tells Boruto to protect Kawaki. Delta reminds Kawaki that he is just a receptacle belonging to Jigen. Naruto asks Delta why she is calling Kawaki a receptacle and the villain tells him to mind his own business.

During the battle, Naruto throws Delta away and the villain, when colliding with the ground, spits blood. Delta, however, tells Naruto that no matter how strong he is, he can never defeat her by being a mere human.

Delta, still on the ground, devises a plan to kill Naruto, and when the Seventh Hokage approaches, she shoots a sparkling beam of light from his eyes. Naruto strikes back with a Giant Rasengan, but Delta, using the beam of light from his eyes, begins to absorb Uzumaki’s Jutsu. Naruto evolves from the Giant Rasengan to the Super Giant Rasengan; however, Delta continues to absorb it nonetheless.

While Delta mocks Naruto, the Uzumaki continues to feed the Giant Super Rasengan with more chakra. Boruto says that Naruto is doing it for a purpose. In the end, Naruto’s intent was revealed and he manages to defeat Kara’s high-ranking member.

Boruto Episode 200 Release Date

Episode 200 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime will be released on May 23, Sunday. You can watch it through Crunchyroll, but if you don’t have a premium account, you’ll have to wait a week to watch the episode for free.

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