Bram The Toymaker Controls Guide for PC

This page offers a list of all Bram The Toymaker controls and keyboard shortcuts for Windows PC. Bram The Toymaker is a survival horror video game developed and published by Game Plant Entertainment Inc. As of writing, the game is currently available on PC via Steam.

Bram The Toymaker Controls

The following are the default Bram The Toymaker key bindings. To change and remap these default controls, go to Settings > Controls tab. Make sure that you hit the Apply button to save all the changes that you have made.

Movement UpW
Movement DownS
Movement LeftA
Movement RightD
CrouchLeft Ctrl
RunLeft Shift
ZoomRight Mouse Button
FireLeft Mouse Button
Lean LeftY
Lean RightX
Use Item 11
Use Item 22
Use Item 33
Use Item 44
Pause MenuEsc
Bram The Toymaker Controls