Loop Hero

Broken Geography Achievement – Loop Hero

Broken geography
Place 10 cards you didn’t have in your deck, not counting ^Oblivion^

How to Unlock Broken geography Achievement

There are two guides found for this achievement. Feel free to browse the guides below.

To do this, you have to kill Prime Matters. Upon killing a Prime Matter, it will give you either a golden card or three cards you didn’t have in your deck. Put down a bunch of battlefields and let the loops go on until you have killed enough Prime Matters.

I first tried this in the first boss and it didn’t work (they gave me a normal card instead), so I would try in the second boss or higher.

Guide by Gin.

To receive cards that you don’t have in your deck, you will need to utilize the “Battlefield” card. Enemies that are killed adjacent to the Battlefield tile have a chance of becoming ghosts. This can happen again where you have a ghost of a ghost, and then once more and end with a “Prime matter” enemy.

Upon defeating this enemy, you will receive either 3 cards, not in your deck or a golden card. This will require killing multiple ghosts, so start busting them!

Guide by Derpy Q.

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