Buddy Simulator 1984

Buddy Simulator 1984 Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get 100% achievements in Buddy Simulator 1984. If you’re one of the players trying to obtain all Buddy Simulator 1984 achievements, this one is for you.

Buddy Simulator 1984 Achievement Guide

There’s a total of 30 achievements in the game. 11 of these achievements are hidden and secret. You can check the description of the hidden achievement by hovering your mouse on the blank space.

To avoid any spoilers, we have created a separate guide for each achievement. Simply click the achievement name to get the full guide of the achievement.

Name Description
Wakey Wakey! Thanks for waking me up!
Welcome Home Enjoy your new bedroom.
=(lLpBlbCmG@bX <+oig+EMIDDIal+Bkq9&@3B3$De’u&amp;EbT*&A,
The Sword You found The Sword!
Sweet Dreams Sleep so I can makes things better.
Natural Leader Recruit your party.
Need a Hand? Find the severed hand while fishing early.
You’re So Talented Play the drum 20 times.
Wish Come True Make a wish in the well.
Anywhere But Here Leave Morton with Lloyd.
Tastes Like Gwandma Cook Dead Gwandma in Cauldron’s new dish.
How Does it Taste? Try the pond water.
My Button Use the Buddy Button 20 times.
Our Hero! Defeat the Snoodlewonker once and for all.
Our New Town Name the town to the north!
Against the World You and I against the world. Don’t forget that, okay?
A New Bard Help Bronkh find the perfect bard to mentor.
Friend or Phone Discover Phoney.
Flawless Friendship Make it through a fight without you or your friends getting hurt.
Pet Me? Thanks for petting me!
Leaf Me Alone Find Treevor and leaf him alone.
Good Listener Listen to Lloyd read his poetry for 1 minute.
Free Novak I don’t think he did anything wrong.
The Shape Gang Defeat the Shape Gang.
Cheers! Have Morton greet a familiar friend in Toot’s Tavern.
Forgive Me I should have known better.
Levi the Lever Help Levi finally find his place.
Pointless I do not exist, because I eventually won’t exist.
This is it This is our perfect ending.
I’m Speechless Achieve every achievement in our game. You really do care.

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