Bum Simulator

Bum Simulator Update 1.09.02.a Patch Notes

Bum Simulator update 1.09.02.a is now available for download on all supported platforms. Developer Ragged Games has rolled out the new update earlier today, September 16, 2021.

The new update brings a lot of bug fixes and balancing in Bum Simulator. Unfortunately, since the previous update, players have been experiencing a lot of in-game issues.

With today’s Bum Simulator patch, players should expect lesser game issues. Let us know in the comments if you’re still experiencing some errors in the game.

Bum Simulator Update 1.09.02.a Patch Notes

  • Added Blue Mold Seed recipe to the workbench.
  • Fixed a bug that caused planted tobacco to load incorrectly.
  • Adjusted the amount of Bear Garlic you get from harvesting your planted crop.
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to enter building mode when exiting the chest inventory screen.
  • Fixed the voice of the bug who guards your pigeon in the “Bird Cage” quest.
  • Showing the middle finger targets people in a cone area now, so you don’t have to put your crosshair exactly on the target.
  • Fixed the appearance and placement of the cardboard used when begging.
  • Fixed the cloth physics of the player sleeve while begging.
  • Fixed a bug that caused bugs to lay dead even if they were still alive.
  • Fixed a missing quest marker during the “Lady Justice” quest.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the tracking of the “Respect Among Creeps” quest if you did a side quest while on this mission.
  • Carl now drops any unconscious body placed on top of him when the “Let Me Hook You Up” quest starts, to make sure the timer is visible.

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