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Good Company Update 0.6.3 Patch Notes Released, New Features Added

Good Company developer Chasing Carrots has released the Good Company update 0.6.3 bringing new features, fixing bugs, and more.

The main highlight of the update v0.6.3 is the introduction of new features in the game. It also includes game balancing and bug fixes. Apart from that, the Good Company version 0.6.3 also adds stability and performance improvements.

To know more about this new Good Company update, we recommend checking out the detailed changelog below.

Good Company Update 0.6.3 Patch Notes

Upgradable Tables

  • Players can now upgrade crafting tables directly from the respective table panel.
  • To upgrade a table, a module needs to be selected.
  • Based on the selected module, the table will be upgraded to the next, faster table.
  • The upgrade will cost the difference between the original table and the new one.
  • Upgrading a table will cancel the crafter’s current progress and restart it.
  • Previously set logistics connections will remain active on the upgraded table.
  • Upgrading tables will not be possible if the construction menu is not available.

Quick Hire

  • All workstations now have a quick hire button.
  • A random employee will be hired and assigned to the selected table.
  • Every table also has a quickfire button.
  • This option will be unlocked once employee hiring is available.

Advisor System

  • From time to time the advisor, Lumo, will pop-up on Monday mornings.
  • The advisor informs you if there are potential basic problems in your company.
  • We will be considering expanding this feature with more tips in the future.
  • If possible, the advisor will show you an example of the detected problem.
  • There are 6 tips that can currently be triggered:
  • Not all products are getting sold from the Outgoing Zone.
  • Production Employees are inefficient and have to walk too much.
  • Production Employees are missing Module/Component XYZ.
  • Not enough of Base Material XYZ being ordered in Incoming Zone.
  • Logistics connection isn’t served, because it is not in range of a Logistics Point.
  • Hint: Sell over-produced Modules/Components XYZ.


  • While placing new equipment, the respective holograms now have an improved preview for where the object can be placed.
  • All production and research times are now displayed as in-game days.
  • Mouse confinement setting is now ‘off’ by default.
  • Info browser now has tooltips for materials & modules.


  • Inventory transfer times are now 1s (0.066 days), no matter how many materials are being transferred.
  • Previously it was 1s per different material/module/product.
  • Metal Cases sampling time has been fixed. The base sampling time was too low:
  • 0.46s -> 1.46s (9.2s -> 29.2s on the first Analysis Table)
  • Level 3 got re-balanced to provide a more steady income:
  • Calculator markets provide more income now.
  • Market requirements for Calculators and Pocket Computers were reduced.
  • Markets for the ‘Welfare Survival’ challenge have been updated:
  • Removed markets beyond cleaning/transport bots.
  • All markets progress slightly slower.
  • All market requirements increase less drastically.
  • All markets have an increased profit amount.

General Fixes

  • Calculation of camera bounds has been fixed. Previously, some unintentional camera behaviour could occur at the edges of some maps.
  • Sometimes the mouse containment setting used wrong data to apply the containment. Now it should always fit the actual game window.
  • Challenge completion achievement did not trigger properly (4/7 challenges done)
  • The next challenge you complete should reward all missing achievements.
  • Fixed an issue where the game crashed when returning to the main menu.
  • When sales for specific products were above 65 535 G the amount looped to 0 G.
  • Sales for a single product can now be ~16 000 000 G.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when switching modules on a crafting station.
  • Fixed a UI-scaling issue with high score tables making some buttons inaccessible.
  • Blueprint Designer button is now gated properly depending on whether the Drafting Table is available.
  • Hitbox issues, mainly with the chemistry table, have been fixed. The hitboxes should now behave more consistently

Level & Challenge Fixes

  • Level 3, Milestone 8: the Metal Case (Tier 3) was counted as a viable module to complete the current task (reaching a production of 14 Tier 4 modules every week)
  • Level 4, Milestone 7: the goal unit [produced/week] was wrong. It has been changed to display the correct unit [produced].
  • Level 6, Milestone 1: progress counted ‘total production’, which was wrong. This has been corrected to ‘weekly production’.
  • Level 6, Milestone 5: progress counted ‘Courier Bots’ while it should have been only counting ‘Delivery Drones’. This is also fixed now.

Text Fixes

  • Welding Table now has a proper description, the localization string was broken.
  • [FR] Level 6, Milestone 4 the ‘[goalTarget]’ replacement was broken.
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