Bus World

Bus World Controls Guide for PC

This page covers the complete list of Bus World controls on Windows PC. Bus World is a bus simulation game developed and published by KishMish Games. The game enters its early access phase on September 29, 2022.

Bus World Controls

The following are the default Bus World key bindings. You can change these default controls in the settings section of the game.

Function Key
Throttle W
Brake S
Steer Left A
Steer Right D
Start Engine R
Parking Brake Z
Clutch Left Shift
Gear + Equals
Gear – Minus
Reverse On/Off X
Reverse Gear 9
Neutral Gear 0 or ~
First Gear 1
Second Gear 2
Third Gear 3
Fourth Gear 4
Fifth Gear 5
Sixth Gear 6
Change Camera View C
1st Person F5
3rd Person Fixed F6
3rd Person Free F7
Interior View (Free Camera) F8
Camera Back Down Arrow
Camera Forward Up Arrow
Camera Left Left Arrow
Camera Right Right Arrow
Map M
Minimap P
First Door F
Second Door G
Third Door G
Fourth Door H
Left Turn Signal Q
Right Turn Signal E
Emergency Lights Left Ctrl
Headlights L
Interior Lights K
Cabin Lights J
Horn Spacebar
Windscreen Wipers N
Suspension Left Shift
Pause Menu Esc
Bus World Controls

Note that the listed controls above are the controls while you’re in-game. There are other controls for menu navigation. We highly recommend that you check them in the Controls section of the game.

Also, the developer has confirmed that Bus World has full gamepad and steering wheel controls. This means that you should not be facing any major issues while using steering wheel controller in the game.

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