Call of Duty: Mobile

Is There a Call of Duty: Mobile Wallhack and Aimbot?

Call of Duty: Mobile was just released this month but despite being new to mobile gaming, the game is already gathering more than 100 million downloads since its release. Knowing its success for just a short period of time, there are some players who wants to use game hacks and take advantage of the game.

Some of the most common multiplayer cheats are aimbot, wallhack, speed hack, and more. But is this kind of hacks available in Call of Duty: Mobile?

Wallhack and Aimbot on Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile

Just like the other popular mobile games, it’s sad to say but Call of Duty: Mobile has also been exploited by many hackers. As of now, only the Call of Duty: Mobile wallhack and aimbot have been confirmed to be existing.

If you’re unaware of what these hacks can do, let me give you some idea. Call of Duty: Mobile Aimbot is the worst cheat that you may be encountering in the game. This will allow the user to automatically aim and fire their enemies once they appear on the screen. Once this hack is activated, the hacker will be getting an instant kill and will not miss a single shot.

For the Call of Duty: Mobile Wallhack, it will allow the hacker to see enemies through walls. Giving them advance information about the location of their enemies. In addition, some powerfully coded wallhacks will allow users to fire a bullet that will pass through walls. This feature has also been spotted by a player who has been killed by a hacker in Call of Duty: Mobile. You can watch the video replay from this link.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Hacking or using any third-party apps for Call of Duty: Mobile is against the rules of the game. If you find someone using it, make sure to hit the report to the developer.

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