Catch & Cook: Fishing Adventure Achievements Walkthrough Guide

This guide will be showing you the complete step-by-step process on how to get all achievements in Catch & Cook: Fishing Adventure.

Catch & Cook: Fishing Adventure Achievement Guide

Beginning fisherman
Complete Tutorial

  • Complete the game tutorial.

Hard Worker
Swim for a 2 days without a sleep

  • Don’t sleep for two days.

Use Whirlpool to teleport

  • At some point, some whirlpools will appear on the map, go there and you will teleport, and it will give you the achievement.

Treasure Hunter
Find 50 chests

  • You only have to open 50 chests throughout the game, they appear and disappear throughout the game at any point on the map.

Lucky Fisherman
Find Treasure

  • Get a treasure chest, the game will notify you that it appeared and a larger chest will be seen on the map.

Catch a crab

  • In the second, to unlock the crab traps, you just have to go to their location on the map and activate them.

It’s a shark
Catch a fish with a harpoon

  • In the third map you can unlock the harpoon and with it catch a shark.

Great Catch
Catch 50 fish in a single day

  • For this achievement, I recommend that you wait to unlock the cafe that lets you fish for 4 more hours on the second map but it can still be obtained in the first map by having the net of 4 fish. The ideal is to start rested at the beginning of the cycle and you will have time to catch about 60 fish.

Trade 500 items in Villages

  • Trade a total of 500 fish with the villagers. Probably the last achievement you obtain, after finishing the game and having all the improvements, you will be around 370-400 pieces, so it is only a little extra effort.

Catch & Cook
Watch credits

  • See the credits in the game menu.

Master of Meals I
Cook 5 meals in a single day

Master of Meals II
Cook 10 meals in a single day

Master of Meals III
Cook 15 meals in a single day

  • You just have to make 15 recipes in one day, accumulate some fish and then cook it all together.

Fisherman I
Catch 10 fish

Fisherman II
Catch 100 fish

Fisherman III
Catch 500 fish

  • Catch 500 fish, it will come out before the end of the game.

Chief I
Open all meals on location 1

Chief II
Open all meals on location 2

Chief III
Open all meals on location 3

For these achievements, you must make all the recipes for each area. To unlock them you can get clues in the chests that are loose or try different combinations until you find them. But I will make your work easier and I will leave them here below:

Angler’s Arsenal I
Buy all upgrades on location 1

Angler’s Arsenal II
Buy all upgrades on location 2

Angler’s Arsenal III
Buy all upgrades on location 3

Just get all the upgrades in each zone.

In the first map, they are on a ship that navigates the map.

In the second in a house in the middle of the map.

And in the third, in an igloo floating on the side of the map.

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