Chionophile Achievement Guide


This guide will be covering the steps on how to get the 100% achievements in Chionophile. If you’re one of the players who want to obtain all Chionophile achievements, this guide is made for you.

Chionophile Achievement Guide

There’s a total of 6 achievements in Chionophile and none of them is hidden/secret. Here’s how you can obtain them.

audibly. – Quatrain one

  • The first pink flower is just up the hill on the right from where you start in chapter one. Go grab it and bring it back down to the pedestal, which is on the path, not far from the gate.

sky. – Quatrain two

  • Follow the path up the hill and to the right. There will be a fence on your left, as well as a cabin once you walk a bit farther. The flower and pedestal are just past the cabin on the right side, with the pedestal being closer.

everywhere. – Quatrain three

  • Continue to follow the path after the cabin. You will reach a frozen lake with a pillar in the middle. There is a hidden quote off to the right, the flower is behind the pillar, and the pedestal is on the left shore, past the pillar. Continue along the path to finish Chapter 1 and unlock Chapter 2.

clear; – Quatrain four

  • You will start Chapter 2 by walking through a canyon, which will then bring you to a stream. There is a hidden quote to the right along the stream. You will see a statue holding a fire across the stream, which is the start of the next path. Follow the path through the valley, being sure to grab the flower on top of the bare hill to the right, then continue straight down the valley. You will reach another stream with two pedestals relatively close to each other. This flower goes on the further pedestal, to your left. There are another hidden quote along the stream to the right.

slow. – Quatrain five

  • You will now have to backtrack to about the same place you grabbed the last flower (for Clear). There will be an easily visible path that goes up the hill on your left, and you will pass through a relatively small hole in a rock at the top of the hill. The flower is a little way into this canyon, directly on the path. Backtrack to the stream with two pedestals and place this flower on the one to the right.

dream. – Quatrain six

  • Follow the path to where the pedestal for Clear was, and enter the nearby valley (there are two adjacent valleys, the one you just came from and the one that leads to the next area, choose the one on the right). You can hug the right rock wall for a while until it curves around almost 180° into a narrower valley. There is a hidden quote off to the left of the valley entrance. Walk little ways into the valley, the flower will be on your left, and the pedestal is by the stone structure on the hill to your right.