My Hero One’s Justice 2 – Easy Hero Coins Farming Without Fighting

There is over 1200 things you can buy in the game store and it is not cheap. It requires a lot of hero coins. This guide will tell you the fastest way to earn Hero Coins.

How to get started

Click on Mission Mode and buy Tomura Shigaraki: Before Style.

There is a guide on how to use him properly without raging so much on mission mode. As you advance through the missions you’ll acquire Symbols. Some of these will be important for your farming.


These 3 symbols are gonna be important:

Tomura: Fearless – Can be found in mission “Dragnet”

Tomura: Confrontation – Can be found in mission “Lock-Fest”

Tomura: Beliefs – Can be found in mission “Origin” (6*)

All of these remove opponents from match. They can remove 6 characters max. And also you’ll need to work for those symbols but I am preparing another guide on which symbols to use during clearing.

There are also few optional symbols you can use to increase your reward.

Momo: Trickster – Can be found in mission “Hero Show”

Momo: Matryoshka – Can be found in mission “Rival TV Show”

Momo: Disguise – Can be found in mission “Request from Bakugo”

Momo: Relieved – Can be found in mission “End” (6*)

Momo: Emotional – Can be found in mission “Origin” (6*)

These symbols increase the amount of coins you get after completing 1 mission.


Missions you can use this technique on.

  • Practice Run
  • Hands-on Training
  • Eradiction Tactics
  • Mock Battle
  • a Riot Breaks out
  • Jumping at Shadows
  • Dragnet
  • Berserker
  • Hero Show
  • Entertainer
  • TV Show
  • Patrol
  • Security Competition
  • Simulation
  • Lock-Fest
  • Defeat the Yakuza
  • Best Agency Battle

Recommended build

I recommend using this build – Tomura: Fearless, Tomura: Confrontation, Tomura: Beliefs, Momo: Emotional, and Momo: Matryoshka or Momo: Relieved (basically the same) and I recommend you to use this build in the mission “Best Agency Battle” it gives the biggest amount of coins.

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