Choo-Choo Charles Controls and Shortcuts Guide

This page covers the complete list of Choo-Choo Charles controls using a gamepad controller and keyboard. Choo-Choo Charles is a survival FPS game developed and published by Two Star Games. The game is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC via Steam.

Choo-Choo Charles Controls

The following are the default Choo-Choo Charles key bindings. You can change these default controls by going to Settings > Input Mappings section.

Move ForwardW
Move BackwardS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
Interact / ActionLeft Mouse Button
Map Zoom UpMouse Wheel Up
Map Zoom DownMouse Wheel Down
Place WaypointRight Mouse Button
Open MapM
Exit / BackEsc
SprintLeft Shift
Lean LeftQ
Lean RightE
Skip Tutorial / DialogueTab
Choo-Choo Charles Controls

Apart from the mouse and keyboard support on PC, the developer of the game has also confirmed that Choo-Choo Charles has full controller support. This means that you can use your gamepad controller without facing any major issues. If you do experience some controller problems, you can refer to this guide on how to fix them.

Speaking of gamepad controls, here are the default Choo-Choo Charles gamepad controls.

MovementLeft Analog Stick
Look AroundRight Analog Stick
Interact / ActionRT
Map Zoom UpA
Map Zoom DownY
Place WaypointRT
Open MapLT
Exit / BackB
PauseMenu Button
Lean LeftLB
Lean RightRB
Skip Tutorial / DialogueX
Choo-Choo Charles Xbox Controls

This is everything that we have for this Choo-Choo Charles controls guide. In case you have any questions or suggestions to improve this guide, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Good luck!