Cliff Empire

Cliff Empire – Complete Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering how to obtain all achievements in Cliff Empire. Discover how to unlock the hidden Cliff Empire achievements.

Before we continue, please note that this guide may contain spoilers of the game.

Cliff Empire

Cliff Empire Achievement Guide

Great Build – Build 10 buildings at once

  • All you need to do is build 10 building at the same time. The best way to do that is to pause the game and construct the building. It is recommended to use 10 small and cheap building, such as open fields. After you place them all, just resume the game again. and you got the achievement. Note that you can achieve this at the very beginning of the game, right after you locate your warehouse (AKA first storage).

Well, you’re a builder – Destroy 10 buildings in a row

  • Simple as it sounds, just pause the game, and demolish 10 buildings at once. Resume the game, and you got the achievement. Note that you do not need to remove the debris from the demolished building.

Fireman – Save 20 buildings from fire

  • So there are two ways to achieve this one:
    • By disasters – The first way to achieve this goal is much quicker, but can be done only after the tutorial phase(this phase is skippable). There are 2 disasters which fire can start in. Hot days(obviously), and Thunderstorms(Lightning rods can catch on fire). Just make sure you got enough maintenance in your cities, so you can save the burning buildings. After a disaster or two(Depends on the number of cities, and the number of building in each one), you got this achievement!
    • By lack of maintenance – A lack of maintenance can cause a building to set off a fire, but remember, you will need soon enough to get the maintenance level up again. Not a recommended way to achieve this one, but still works.

Businessman – Earn 50000¢

  • To achieve this one, you need to make 50000¢, by bridges, trading portal, shuttles, offices and banks. You don’t need to have that amount in cash. Don’t try and calculate exactly how much you earned each day, just keep playing in the same save for a time.

Student, Teacher, and Genius

  • I combine those 3 achievements together, because of their similarity. Just start with the first tier, of course, so you can get the first achievement. The second and third-tier take a very long time to research, so make sure your education level is high (You can use schools to boost it). If you want to speed the research, you can always invest 2500c to boost one city research for 3 days (You can boost more than one city simultaneously).

Village – More agrarian drones count than ordinary

  • Agrarian drones can move only food products, and at a larger capacity. So to build agrarian drones, you need specific third-tier research, and by the time you get them, you most likely reached the max count of regular cargo drones. In that case, you need to get rid of a few cargo drones. Just wait for a thunderstorm to destroy them, and don’t rebuild the regular drones immediately, instead, keep building agrarian drones. After you completed the achievement, rebuild the cargo drones back to the max level.

Contamination – Critically low ecology

  • You need to get your ecology level below 30%. The best way to do so is by building 3 nuclear power plants, and not having any building that rises the ecology(Like air purifiers, gardens, etc.) Note that your manpower will drop, and many people try to leave the city.

Orbital Visit – The moment when two warehouses arrive at once

  • Right after you landed your first warehouse, land another one on a second cliff, they need to land at the same time. That’s all.

New Generation – Reach 200 newborn on Earth

  • Just keep a healthy society in your cities. If you want to boost your births, you can always declare a new rule in the parliament. Remember to always have spare housing space and a high level of medical treatment.

Bada Boom – The explosion of the nuclear power plant

  • Let a nuclear power plant get on fire until it explodes. You can do so by low maintenance, or by reactivating it during an earthquake. Note that when the power plant explodes, it will destroy its surrounding building as well!

Push to limit – Fully load trading barge

  • Make sure you got spare resources of every single kind(including debris), set your trading portal to the highest priority, and make a one time sell of 30 for all the resources. Wait for 8 AM(When the trading platform arrives). Your drones will load everything, and you got this achievement. Make sure you got a lot of drones as well.

Alive again – Defrost 2,000 people

  • After you unlock the orbital station, keep defrosting people. You need to defrost every single capsule to get this goal. It takes a large number of resources.

Camping – Walk from city to the mountains in Ice Citadel

  • In the ice Citadel, switch to first-person view (TAB key), and start walking toward the mountains around the city, keep it up in the lake direction. After you got to the mountain, you get the achievement.

Flying lemon – Fly by personal transport when all your cities have a 1,000,000¢ in total

  • After you have one million currency in all your cities together, construct a personal villa after that, switch to a first-person view (TAB key), and get into the drone of the villa, fly a bit around, and you got this one.

Conqueror of heights – Get up by elevator of the entertainment center

  • All you need for this one is one entertainment center. After you build it, switch to first-person view (TAB key), search around it for the elevator, and get into it by just walking inside. And here you go.

We will survive – Reach 7,000 population on Earth

  • There is no chance to reach 7000 people on the 3 cliffs altogether. So continue playing until you reach the Ice Citadel, in which you got huge building space. Make sure you got enough housing for all the citizens from the orbital station(So they can relocate to the Ice Citadel). After your orbital station is empty, you most likely have enough people on earth in your 3 cliffs and the citadel together. If not, boost up the birth rate in the citadel until you reach this

Trading hub – Build 4 trading portals on any cliff

  • You need to build 4 portals on the same cliff. The ice citadel doesn’t count in this achievement! Just demolish some building for them, and after the 4 of them are constructed, you will achieve this. no need to load them at all

Defender – Survive 20 waves of Marauders

  • The only game mode you can get this achievement in is Tower Defense. Every 30 minutes (in regular game speed) a new wave of marauders will approach your cities, And they will get stronger each wave. Build defenses from the very befogging of the game. Build at least 2 battery station and 2 matter mines. Note that after the 16th wave, you don’t need to bother about rebuilding the city. Just relax and let them attack in the last 4 waves left for the achievement.
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