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Project Zomboid Rosewood Guide and Tips

This guide will be covering where to go or do next, how to lock down Rosewood, and what you will need to survive further. I don’t have any screenshots from me just yet, but soon I will add some.

The Rosewood grind

This section is going to be about what you should do after you have food, water, and a secure base, and how to secure it once the power goes out, (if it hasn’t already). Now this section is assuming you have plenty of food and water, or a renewable food source and water collection barrels, (or some other good water collection method). I recommend that you scout out different parts of the town, and use a pen or pencil to mark the map, to help remember stuff like loot to come back too, or a unusually high zombie population in an area. You should start to mark certain paths that are fast, or unblocked roads. And one very important thing is to get the radio channel playing the emergency radio broadcast, which is random every new save file, and you can find it as a preset channel on some radios.

Starting the one-man Rosewood militia

This section is not necessary, but I highly recommend trying to tackle at least one of the POIs I talk about. I am going to be going over the gear you want, and where to get it. First, check the military locations:

The military barracks (Perfect for getting some food and a maybe military backpack) and the one in the woods, west of Rosewood that are (I haven’t really looted it myself, but I did find a gun on one of the army zombies protecting it, so good in my books). Once you have yourself a good amount of loot, and a bulletproof vest or some other armor, you should start to fully loot any stores or other locations that you haven’t already. After this is done you should be powerful enough to tackle the next area.

Retiring from The High Life

The next step is simple, just leave Rosewood. Now this isn’t a joke, but Rosewood is small, and the zombie’s are consistently a big problem, so you should start to scout out a favorable location in the outskirts of the town. I would say to make sure that the location is not to far out of the city, but preferably has road access. Now at this point, your carpentry should be high enough to cut down some wood, and build yourself a nice shack.

Remember, you can take the survivor out of Rosewood but you can’t take the Rosewood out of the survivor

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