Colonize Controls Guide for PC

Prepare yourself for Colonize, a brand new survival and strategy video game. While there are lots of survival games out there, Colonize is a bit different as it will bring you to the 17th century when civilization is just getting started.

With all the threats that are roaming around, your mission is to ensure your community. But you can’t do that without knowing the basics. So, on this page, you’ll be able to learn all the default Colonize key bindings and shortcuts for PC.

Colonize Controls

For those who are wondering, it seems that the default controls of the game are fixed as we can’t find any options in the settings to remap the key bindings.

Function Key
Forward W
Backward S
Left A
Right D
Pause Game 0
Game Speed Normal 1
Game Speed Fast 2
Game Speed Fastest 3
Move Up
Move Down +
Close Window Esc
Colonize Controls

Most of the activities in the game can be done using your mouse. However, being familiar with the key bindings above will make the game much easier.

If this Colonize guide helped you a bit, please do tell us in the comments below. You can try playing Colonize by downloading the prologue version of the game. To get the full game, you can grab it here.

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