Company of Heroes 3 Beginner’s Guide and Tips

In this guide you will find a solid starting point for playing Wehrmacht. If you want to control the starting battlefield always make sure to protect your units. Just like chess, losing units is gonna hurt you alot. As for chess the opposing team will have a piece advantage over you, the opposing team in CoH3 will have a resource advantage over you. So remember always to micro manage the fights. Put your units into at least yellow->if not green cover! And never forget, there is always an option to Retreat your units, lets you not forget to build a medic station on your HQ. Let’s dive right into the build order!

Build Order

  1. Build 1x Kettenkrad -> use this to capture one side of the map, use your starting engineers to capture the other side.
  2. Choose Luftwaffe battlegroup as your starting Battlegroup. Choose the first one of the right tree -> Fallschirmpioneer
  3. Drop Fallschirmpioneer at one Victory Point in the Fog of War and regroup with the starting Engineers in the middle
  4. Build Infantrie Kompanie (only to unluck the next) and build Luftwaffe Kompanie (tip! Just doubleclick in your rightbottom menu on the buildings. It will build automaticly on a spot. No need to seek a spot for yourself..!)
  5. Build 3x Jager Squad -> And unlock Panzerschreks with them for light and heavy vehicles
  6. Win the game with Medium Panzer Tanks (repairing with Fallschirmpioneers) and only Jager Squads
  7. GG EZ!
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