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Cosmic Break Universal – How to Complete Arcantus Quest

Cosmic Break Universal has a lot of quests that players need to complete. One of these quests in the game is called Arcantus. Unlike any other quests available in Cosmic Break Universal, the approach for the Arcantus Quest is a little bit different.

For those who are still unaware of what Arcantus is, this guide will tell you all the details that you need to know. In addition, we will also be sharing you the steps on how you can complete this quest in the game.

What is Arcantus?

Arcantus is one of the quests you can accept at the Ground Area but work differently when compared to Battle Planet Bastagant. To access it you need to find quest counter or press F3.

And as you can see you can either solo it or go with your friends!

What to do next?

Once you get in you need to find this dude named “Hateck” and talk to him.

Once you have done that, this window will pop up.

Hateck will offer a quest for you to fetch some treasures or artifacts in exchange for $$$$.

In the yellow circle is what he wants and in the red circle is the amount of UC that he will give to you.

Note: You can only accept 1 quest at a time.

There 2 types of gates. There red and blue. The difference is monster in the red gate will be stronger (More hp and hit harder) compare to the blue gate. Just choose one.

Blue Gate
Red Gate

After you enter the gate you will be teleport to the area that full of monster there 2 things that need to be done.

1. Explore

You need to explore and find the “Treasure Box”

Treasure Box contains an item for Hateck’s quest but there is only 1 box per map so no need to explore any further once you found it.

But remember, Treasure Box doesn’t always have a treasure inside it.

2. Exterminate

Once you get the treasure you need to get to the next area but you can’t just go through the gate just like you did you need the “key” first. Since there are blue gates and red gates the key are the same.

Blue Key
Red Key

To find this key you need to defeat the miniboss or boss of that area.

You need to repeat this step until you found all the items you need.

Once you have all the items you need to get to the outpost.

Once you in the outpost talk to the field worker to turn in the quest!

And he gives you a new quest in the next tier right away.

Tips and Strategies

  • The location of the treasure box and the content inside it are FIXED until the maintenance happens.
  • Reward from each quest will be reduced after 1st time you have done it, but it will be reset after maintenance so no easy repeatable money. (Quest that you already done will have the star beside it).
  • Monster inside Arcantus also drops a lot of items UC coin, Tune-up mat, Quest coin, Angel coin, etc.

  • Apart from items they also drop boost that make you bot stronger.


And that’s how you can complete and profit from the Arcantus Quest in Cosmic Break Universal. This guide has been made possible by Chicken. If you have any suggestions to improve this Arcantus Quest guide, please let us know by simply leaving a comment below.


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