Crunchyroll Manga Shutting Down on December 11th

TL;DR: Crunchyroll is discontinuing its manga app on December 11, citing a commitment to enhancing fan experiences, redirecting users to the Crunchyroll Store for manga access, but facing criticism from fans concerned about the impact on user experience, with Crunchyroll explaining that browsing via the website is an alternative, and while opinions vary, the decision appears irreversible.

Crunchyroll has been in the spotlight lately, and it’s not all positive. Following a legal dispute, Crunchyroll has experienced substantial financial setbacks due to the settlement. In response to the ongoing challenges, Crunchyroll has opted to discontinue its manga app, a move that has left fans dissatisfied. Let’s delve into the details of this development.

According to information from ANN, Crunchyroll has officially announced that its web and mobile app supporting the ‘Crunchyroll Manga’ digital manga distribution service will cease to exist after December 11.

Crunchyroll has informed ANN that they’re discontinuing the Crunchyroll manga application on December 11 for both web and mobile platforms. This decision is part of Crunchyroll’s ongoing commitment to ensuring fans have the best experiences with their favorite series.

Despite this change, fans interested in exploring new manga can turn to the Crunchyroll Store, now featuring over 17,000 manga spanning various genres. Additionally, Crunchyroll Mega Fan or Ultimate Fan members can enjoy perks like the Crunchyroll Game Vault, offering a growing selection of free-to-play titles on iOS and Android.

The announcement wasn’t a sudden move, as the company had previously emailed users on November 7, 2023, stating that digital manga would no longer be accessible on Crunchyroll. Despite this, the service remained available, leading to concerns from fans who reached out to the company. Some questioned how removing the app contributes to an improved user experience.

Crunchyroll responded by suggesting that users can browse all available manga through the website after logging in, avoiding the storage space usage associated with app downloads.

While many fans express disappointment, some view this change as necessary, citing the app’s lack of updates for an extended period. Regardless of opinions, the decision has been finalized, leaving little room for alteration in the current situation.

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