One Piece: Kaido vs Luffy

One Piece Chapter 923: Expectations and Release Date – Kaido Strikes Back

One Piece Chapter 922 really caught us off guard. We saw the devastating attack from Kaido to the Oden’s ruin and the shocking attack from Luffy hitting Kaido’s head.

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With One Piece Chapter 923 coming on its way, we assure you that it will be an incredible chapter.

One Piece Chapter 923 Expectations

Kaido appeared in the sky and his dragon form looks like unbeatable and mighty. It’s not surprising that even Shutenmaru immediately commanded his underlings to hide in the forest. But the question here is how will Kaido react from Luffy’s attack and how will Luffy and Law escape this situation?

One Piece Chapter 922: Luffy Punches Kaido
One Piece Chapter 922: Luffy Punches Kaido

While Luffy’s attack looks like it hurts Kaido, sorry to say this, but Kaido might not even feel it. Kaido is the strongest creature in One Piece that even he, himself, is having a hard time killing himself. Kaido is the only living creature that jumped off from the Sky Island and stays alive after reaching the ground. Do you even think that an Elephant Gun punch from Luffy will hurt him? Nope.

In this chapter, we could probably see Kaido fights Luffy. Although Kaido was drunk during the battle, he can still defeat Luffy. Meanwhile, Law will try to save Luffy from death and escape from the battlefield. And the fact that Kaido was too drunk, he won’t be able to chase them. Kaido will then ask Jack or Hawkins to find Luffy and Law and bring them to him.

One Piece Chapter 923 Release Date

Since it’s almost Halloween, there’s a chance that this chapter may be delayed. However, if there is no delay this week, we are expecting to see the new chapter on November 5 in Jump Issue 49.

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