Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course DLC Trophy and Achievements Guide

This page covers all the details about the added trophies for the Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course DLC.

This DLC requires an average of 3 hours to complete the main story, while an additional 1 and a half hours if you’re planning to complete the side quests. As for obtaining all the trophies, the average completion time is around 5-8 hours. Of course, this still depends on the game’s difficulty and how you play the game.

There’s a total of 12 new trophies that have been added in The Delicious Last Course DLC. These trophies are ranging from uncommon to very rare trophies, though they are all categorized as bronze trophies.

Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course DLC Trophies

  • A Vacation in the Wilds
    Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle IV
  • Ranger
    Obtain an A-Rank or Higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle IV
  • Alive and Kicking
    Defeat a boss with Ms. Chalice
  • Decadent
    Defeat 10 bosses with Ms. Chalice
  • The Golden Touch
    Defeat a boss with one of Ms. Chalice’s Super Arts
  • The Latest Sensation
    Defeat a boss with one of Porkrind’s new weapons
  • Checkmate
    Defeat all of the King of Games’ Champions
  • A King’s Admiration
    Defeat the King’s Gauntlet
  • Compliments to the Chef
    Complete your quest on Inkwell Isle IV
  • Cooked to Perfection
    Get an S-Rank on a stage of Inkwell Isle IV
  • The High Hat
    Defeat a boss on Inkwell Isle IV without killing any of its minions
  • Hearty
    Have 9HP at one time

Note: This Cuphead guide is currently under construction. New updates will be added soon!

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