Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin – Where to Find All Keys to Unlock DLCs

This guide will show you where to find all keys that used to unlock and give you access to the new DLCs that are being added in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.

Crown of the Sunken King

#1 – Knock the “Forgotten Key” out of the two giants that live at the bottom of the Black Gulch.

#2 – Descend into the Majula deep into the pit and open the door with the Forgotten Key, pick up the “Dragon Talon” on the corpse there.

#3 – Return to the Black Gulch, defeat The Rotten boss, if you haven’t done so already, after him go to the costa, and there to the dlc post.

Crown of the Old Iron King

#1 – You must take the “Iron Key” from the first bull statue in the Iron Keep. The fire is turned off at the end of the location near the campfire “Eygil’s Idol” in front of the boss “Old Iron King”.

#2 – Open the door in front of the “Last Giant” boss in the Forest of Fallen Giants.

#3 – In the Salamander’s Lair, find the charred corpse and retrieve the Heavy Iron Key from it.

#4 – Return to the Iron Keep, defeat the boss “Old Iron King” if you haven’t already done so and activate the dlc pedestal, which will be next to the fire.

Crown of the Ivory King

#1 – In Drangleic Castle, from 1 fire in one of the rooms where you need to activate a golem with a shower, there will be a room with the necessary key “Frozen Flower”.

№ 2 – From the location of Shaded Woods 2 campfire, put forward in the direction of the Drangleic Castle, in the middle of the path we run into the Shrine of Winter, here we use dlc pedestal.

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