Darkness Under My Bed

Darkness Under My Bed Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get 100% achievements in Darkness Under My Bed. If you’re one of the players trying to obtain all Darkness Under My Bed achievements, this one is for you.

There’s a total of 45 achievements in the game. 16 out of 45 achievements are hidden. To view the guide, simply click the name of the achievement.

Darkness Under My Bed Achievements

Angel Angel
A lonely figure in a very distant land.
Real Hell
Player’s true nightmare.
Her Her
Bug Bug
Power Shortage
Lights Off.
Last Meal
The last meal before the execution.
Poor Meal
This meal had no calories.
Vague Memory
It’s hard to have good memories when you can’t see the colors.
Dumpster Diving
It’s nice that you got your item back.
Elusive Bird
Only seen by those who aren’t afraid of heights.
Creative Burnout
No more things to draw.
Stolen Car
It was one of your favorite toys.
No Monsters
Disgusting Dish
Yeah… I’m not following that recipe.
Sleeping Beauty
At least she’s not suffering.
A Child In The Window
It looks very familiar.
Run through the fire.
Sleeping Pills
Don’t forget to take your medicine.
Where are my keys?
You’ve lost your keys one too many times.
Eviedence Tampering
Reject guilt and cover your tracks.
Black Star
A common sight for murderers.
Cleaning Someone’s Mess
Remember to take out the trash.
Stuck In The Loop
When you keep repeating the same mistakes.
Beautiful Shell
Lost souvenir.
Lost In The Darkness
Surrounded by cold abyss.
Pretty Mummy
Despite the passage of time, her face is still beautiful.
Silver Coin
You have an eagle eye!
Full Belly
Tasty fried meat.
Good Hiding Place
Some of them managed to hide from the monsters.
Full Of Energy
Your battery level is surprisingly high.
Peeping Tom
Completely Lost
Now, you’ve really gone off track.
Tony And Zoey
Fresh Heart
Your quick action really saved this guy.
Just An Old Tree