Dauntless Update Patch 1.2.1 Adds Springtide Event, Full Release Notes Here

Developer Phoenix Labs has finally rolled out the newest Dauntless update 1.2.1 bringing the newest event in the game called Springtide Event.

The Dauntless patch 1.2.1 was released today, April 9th, which carries the game version 1.26. In addition to the arrival of the new Dauntless event, it also includes hotfixes, balancing of weapons, and more. Get the details of the latest release 1.2.1 below.

Dauntless Update 1.2.1 Patch Notes

New to Dauntless

Springtide is here, and the Shattered Isles are filled with pufflehops! Collect eggs and protect our furry friends in a new kind of hunt. To get started, talk to Bosun Markus.

Team up with friends to play through three rounds of challenges, earning carrot chips based on your performance.

Round 1: Hunt for eggs around the island.
Round 2: Herd pufflehops into their pen.
Round 3: Fend off the styxian attack!

You can also earn 50 carrot chips by completing any other type of hunt. Carrot chips can be spent in the Springtide shop to get unique cosmetics, emotes and more!

Quality of Life

  • Added a Mastery card for the Firestorm Prism (Charogg repeater part).
  • The default action for the radial menu in a hunt is now set to the flare.
  • Improved the appearance of water on islands, as well certain patches of grass and ledges.
  • Escalation now grants additional Hunt Pass XP. Escalation 1-13 now grants 15XP (up from 10) and 10-50 now grants 25XP (up from 15).

Bug Fixes


  • Torgadoros should no longer get stuck on their perch – for real this time!
  • Volcanic turrets no longer fire through the walls of Riftstalker’s murder palace.
  • Falling off the map during the Blaze Escalation cinematic no longer locks your fps to 30 on PC.
  • Escalation boost UI now hides correctly in the airship if the boost has already been purchased.
  • Improved UI clarity on purchasing of Escalation boosts.
  • Escalation patrol chest bonuses are now granted properly.


  • Torgadoro stamina buffs no longer pause your stamina regen when using stamina-consuming attacks.
  • Moonreaver Shrikes no longer randomly loop feathery sound effects.
  • Kharabak faces will no longer clip into the ground during personality animations.
  • Gnashers can no longer push the players through the ground and out of the map.


  • Using Twin Suns dash into Skarn’s whirlwind attack no longer shoots the player into the sky.
  • Reckless leap can now be used to jump Kharabak projectiles.
  • Gaining and then losing a buff (e.g. most lantern taps, many tonics) no longer causes the effects of Reactive Hilt to stop working.
  • The Godhand no longer fires its laser into space when used right before being hit.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Hellion weapon unique effects to deal +250 damage at all ranks, instead of 75/150/225.
  • Shrike weapon particle effects no longer remain on screen after the proc has gone off.
  • Shrike weapon unique effects now stack the correct amount of bonus damage.
  • Stormclaw weapon unique effects now trigger correctly when dodging through Behemoth attacks.
  • The Boreus war pike’s unique effect no longer generates sprites indefinitely.


  • Hiding your helm while using the Visage of the Blade Hawk skin no longer makes your face invisible.
  • When equipping and hiding the Visage of the Blade Hawk helm, VFX will no longer appear on the eyes.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented dodging through magma balls.
  • Fixed a bug where successfully dodging through splitting lava would still cause you to take damage.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain projectile damage events from scaling with percent damage modifiers.
  • If sprint and reload are mapped to the same button, pressing it while the repeaters are sheathed no longer draws and reloads instead of sprinting.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented mapping sprint and shoots to the same controller button unless it was the right trigger.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the return to Ramsgate animation sequence to not play music and sound effects if the window was not in focus when the cutscene started.
  • Fixed a bug where at maximum FOV, the ground could disappear in certain places.
  • Fixed a bug that caused NPC lights to create a backlit glow on the player’s hair.
  • The Scarred Master’s blue glow no longer appears and disappears as you move your camera.


  • The mouse cursor is no longer able to click-drag resize or move the window while in combat using windowed mode.
  • The mouse cursor can no longer escape the game window while using fullscreen mode with dual monitors.
  • The mouse cursor is no longer offset to the button hitboxes in menus while in fullscreen mode in 1920×1080 resolution.
  • Fixed the cropping of the Torgadoro icon in the Mastery UI.
  • Placeholder text and prices are no longer visible on the Elite Hunt Pass store page if it is slow to load.
  • The button icon to open the chat window is no longer stretched or squashed on Nintendo Switch.
  • The Escalation buff icon no longer obscures player titles in the airship.
  • The Message of the Day leading to the Elite Hunt Pass now correctly loads descriptions and prices.
  • If a controller is disconnected while loading onto the ship, the prompt no longer has two OK buttons.
  • Button prompts in the Vault no longer overlap with nearby text.
  • The HUD in the city now shows notifications for acquiring Vault items.
  • The “Bounties Available” tip now clears immediately after adding new bounties.
  • Breaking a +1 cell down to aetherdust at the Middleman no longer returns you to the top of the list.
  • Middleman cell store timers can no longer show negative numbers.
  • Equipping gear through the crafting screen now clears new equipment breadcrumbs on the Loadout screen.
  • Hunt Pass XP reward no longer shows on the End of Hunt screen if the hunt was failed.
  • Firestorm Prism in repeater crafting is now correctly shown as a pyramid.
  • Fixed a bug that caused UI text to flash different sizes when starting a pursuit for a neutral Behemoth if the language is set to Italian.

Quests and Bounties

  • The “King of the Hill” quest now shows the correct current power in the power level objective. The “King of the Hill” quest now shows the correct current power in the power level objective.


  • Fixed a bug in the tutorial that caused a burning building to float above the ground.
  • The “Logging Out” emote log now correctly falls to the ground instead of hovering in the air.
  • The “Take a Seat” emote now aligns properly for feminine character models.
  • Daily Login cores now grant the correct amount of rams.
  • Fixed an issue caused the Escalation boost purchase prompt to appear to players who already have a boost active.
  • Fixed a rare server disconnect that could occur in Escalation.
  • Dynamic camera zoom has been disabled.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Shrowd tails from being damaged after becoming enraged.
  • Repeater crosshairs now correctly hide when using the legendary ability of the Torgadoro repeater barrel.
  • Fixed clipping issues on The Hunt Pass armour skins.
  • The Vault no longer hides items you already own and instead displays them as own.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Torgadoro’s Brawn to remain in your inventory if you reset your character.
  • The 5000 Platinum pack is purchasable again on Xbox One.
  • Fixed an issue with the map boundary at Trials leaderboards.
  • Fixed a bug where completing normal difficulty trials would cause the UI to show you had claimed Dauntless difficulty rewards.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain UI text not to display if the language was set to Japanese.
  • Fixed a bug that caused subtitles and tutorials to display in English when playing in other languages.
  • Significant improvements to localization for non-English languages.
  • Fixed an issue where players on Nintendo Switch with modified system clocks could not see time-limited offers in the store.
  • Improved loading times on Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed a rare crash when playing videos on Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed a rare crash while viewing particle effects on Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed a rare UI crash on Xbox One.

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