Ballads of Hongye

Ballads of Hongye Controls Guide for PC

This page offers the list of all Ballads of Hongye controls and keyboard shortcuts for Windows PC. Ballads of Hongye is a strategy simulation video game developed and published by Amazing Seasun. The game is currently available on PC via Steam for $8.49 USD.

Ballads of Hongye Controls

The following are the default Ballads of Hongye key bindings. These default controls can be changed by going to Settings > Controls tab.

HineinzoomenBild nach unten
RauszoomenSeite nach oben
Camera DownS
Camera LeftEIN
Camera RightD
Camera UpW
Quick-Switch LandsTab
Place BuildingLinke Maustaste
AbsagenRechte Maustaste
Gebäude drehenMittlere Maustaste
Open World MapM
Nach links drehenQ
Drehe nach rechtsE
Ballads of Hongye Controls