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Horse Tales Emerald Valley RanchA Ghostly Encounter Quest Guide

This page covers how to complete the quest in Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch calledA Ghostly Encounter.Upon the completion of this guide, you will also receive the in-game achievement called Paranormal Investigator.

A Ghostly Encounter Quest

In dot points, here is how to obtain and complete the QuestA Ghostly Encounter”, which rewards the Hidden AchievementParanormal Investigatorand givesBlueprint: Neolithic Statue”.

1. Have caught the Emerald Valley Devil (Near Main Storyline end there’s a quest to do so)

2. Finished the Main Storyline.

3. Talk to Matteo, askSpare Wood?”

4. A new option will appear then where it was, asking about Elderwood.

5. He’ll tell you there’s rumours of Ghosts there, and you’ll get the quest to investigate.

6. To find theGhost”, head to the position marked on the map, in the small glade in Elderwoodit should be a cemetery.

Hint: If your path is obstructed by thickets, you can either a) mark (3) Thickets, rest, then come back and remove the (1) thicket needed, or simply b) find another route, as there are several ways you can enter the cemtery.

7. Upon reaching the cemetery, you’ll find out theGhostis actually a white horse. Upon approaching it, the horse will flee.

8. The quest will then urge you to rest at the Estatedo so.

9. After resting, return to the cemetery once more.

10. The horse should be there againthis time you will be able to tame it. Approach it, staying crouched, and face it head on, then use theTameprompt.

11. Follow the taming quick-time event mini-game prompts, and successfully catch the horse.

12. Viola! Done!

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