Deceit Update Patch v4.6.1 Adds Double XP for the Easter Event 2020

Developer Baseline has rolled out another new Deceit update 4.6.1 adding new in-game bonus as part of the Easter Event 2020 in the game.

According to the official patch notes, the new update will bring a double EXP for players who will participate in the Easter Event this weekend. The Double XP Weekend will be available starting from April 10th at 12:00 PM UTC until April 13th at 12:00 PM UCT.

Apart from the double XP bonus, the new patch also includes game stability and performance enhancements. Below is the full Deceit update changelog.

Deceit Double XP Weekend Patch Notes


  • The random selection logic for picking players to be Infected has been updated. In this update we resolved an issue causing some players, especially in parties, to occasionally be heavily unlikely to be Infected. We have also improved the formula we used for randomization.
  • Increased the number of Easter Points you earn from collecting Easter Eggs in-game.
  • Added a hideable interface on login to further explain the Easter Event.
  • Hid the Easter Event story progress on the Main Menu for those who don’t own the Event Pass.
  • Updated the Easter Event interfaces to improve clarity around the Event Stash. For those that are unsure, the Event Stash is automatically added to your Easter Points upon purchase. Afterwards, any points added to your Stash are also automatically added to your Points.
  • Infected players in Terror Form are now able to destroy levers by swiping at them.
  • Added some temporary extra information within the Loot Booth to further clarify the change in last week’s update. This most notably highlights that players will now earn 3 rewards per game and that the odds of finding rarer items have been increased.
  • Added support for navigating the profile, including the cosmetics, with your keyboard.
  • The chance of receiving Loot Booth Tokens as rewards from challenges has been altered to happen less often. This was an intended change for last week’s update but didn’t get released as expected. We’re aware of feedback related to the recent changes around receiving tokens and will soon be discussing ways in which players can earn more through play.

Bug Fixes

  • [FIXED] The Shotgun applies a large impulse to the objects it hits, sending them flying and allowing for cases of abuse.
  • [FIXED] Challenges in the Challenge History page show invalid text in the title. (Please note this will only apply for challenges completed after this update)
  • [FIXED] Various messaging in the UI regarding levelling up is outdated.
  • [FIXED] Non-activatable challenges say “no empty slots” when hovering over their action button.
  • [FIXED] The End Game screen occasionally displays incorrect challenge progress.
  • [FIXED] The ‘Processing Purchase’ message doesn’t show upon clicking a product in the Store.

Deceit Easter Event will continue to run until April 23, 2020, at 10:30 AM UCT. Players who own the Event Pass still have time to complete the Easter Challenges and grab all the rewards.

By Earl Stewart

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