Deceive Inc. Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Deceive Inc. is an action-packed first-person shooter game that revolves around the theme of spies battling each other. It has the potential to be highly addictive, but new players might find it difficult to navigate due to its complexity.


The primary goal of the game is to infiltrate a vault, retrieve a briefcase, and extract it safely from one of the three designated locations on the map. Alternatively, players can also choose to engage in a battle royale style mode, where they must eliminate all other players to emerge as the last one standing.

Currently, there are two gameplay modes available: solo and team modes. Despite having different team sizes, both modes share the same objective of safely extracting the briefcase from the designated location.

Gameplay Phases

The game is divided into distinct phases, namely Insertion, Infiltration, and Extraction, regardless of the gameplay mode.

During the Insertion phase, players, including their opponents, must deactivate three Vault Terminals.

Once all three Vault Terminals are deactivated, the Infiltration phase commences. During this phase, all players can enter the Vault and attempt to retrieve the briefcase. The Vault typically has three entry points, but in the first area, players must impersonate guards to avoid detection. These guards are identified by the color blue. In the second area, players must steal a technician’s uniform to remain undetected. The final area contains the briefcase and a light above the door, which turns green when no other player is present and red when someone is inside. To access this area, players must either accumulate 10 Intel Points or possess a VIP gold key card.

After a player retrieves the briefcase, the game proceeds to the final phase, Extraction. Every ten seconds, a signal is emitted to reveal the location of the briefcase holder to all players. The time intervals between the signals decrease as the player moves faster. It is advisable to change outfits during this phase, as the technicians are only found in close proximity to the previously mentioned room.

Field Upgrades (Perks)

Players can collect perks starting from the first phase, which are categorized into five different colors:

  • Grey perks, which can be found in grey safes located in common areas of the map without the need to open any colored doors.
  • Green perks, which can be found in the Staff’s Room.
  • Blue perks, which are located in the Guards’ Room.
  • Purple perks, which can be found in the Purple Room. This room is always one room deeper into the Guards’ Room. To access it, players must either have sufficient Intel Points to open both doors or possess both keys required to unlock them. Purple perks can also be obtained during the Infiltration phase in the Technicians’ zone.
  • Golden perks, which are the most powerful of all the perks. They can be obtained by deactivating a vault terminal. However, not all Vault Rooms contain Golden perks. They can also be found in the same room as the briefcase.

Players can also acquire perks by defeating other players and looting their items.

Although the selection of perks is not very extensive, they can still be customized to suit a player’s playstyle and character. Players can access their Decks with the different perks under the “Field Upgrades” tab. Each color of perk is associated with a different percentage of the same perk, with the Golden Perk having the highest percentage.

How to get Intel Points

The primary currency in the game is the Intel Points, which can be utilized to unlock colored doors. These points can be earned by hacking electronic devices such as computers or phones that are scattered throughout the map.

How to obtain the key cards to open doors?

Similarly to the Intel Points, players can obtain key cards randomly throughout the map. These key cards can be found on top of tables, on the balcony, or inside drawers and emit a distinct “shining” sound, so it’s important to thoroughly explore every corner of the map. Once a key card is collected, players can open all doors that correspond to the same color as their key card without having to spend any Intel Points.

Using different disguises

While players can use the corresponding key card to open doors, it’s important to note that if they are not wearing the proper outfit, they will alert staff members or guards of their presence. VIPs can enter anywhere, guards can enter both guard rooms and staff rooms, and staff can only enter staff rooms.

It’s important to note that while disguises can be useful, they are not foolproof. If you act suspiciously or violate any of the NPC’s routines, they will become suspicious of you and can blow your cover. Also, certain NPCs have different levels of suspicion towards different disguises. For example, guards may be more suspicious of a technician disguise than a staff member disguise. So, it’s important to pay attention to the NPCs and their actions while in a disguise and adjust your behavior accordingly.


Each spy has their own unique weapon, but using it will blow their cover. If a spy does use their weapon, the guards will become hostile and other players will be alerted by the gunfire, causing them to converge on the spy’s location. Once the enemy spy has been dealt with, the spy must quickly return to their disguise, which requires evading the guards for a short period of time.


Each spy in the game has their own unique set of special abilities that cater to different playstyles. Some of these abilities aid the player in gathering information about other players, while others are more focused on offense or defense. For example, a spy may have the ability to debuff their enemies or create a shield aura to protect themselves.

All spies share a common ability when holding the briefcase, which allows them to spend Intel Points to spot enemies within a certain range.

Agent Progression

In the game, each agent has a progression tier that can be leveled up to a maximum of 10. As the player progresses through each tier, they are granted a new aspect, which can come in the form of a new ability or a weapon mod.

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