Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic – How to Get Streamsuit 5000 Skin

This guide will be covering the details on how you can obtain the skin called Streamsuit 5000 in Deep Rock Galactic. If you’re one of the players who want to obtain the skin, this guide is for you.

About Streamsuit 5000 Skin

This is the rarest skin in the game at the moment. It was created by developers for streamers and/or content makers as a reward for promoting the game on various video streaming services such as Twitch or Youtube. There are also rumors that it is possible to get it not only through streaming but also by creating content related to DRG in general.

Deep Rock Galactic

How to Get Streamsuit 5000 Skin

The most famous and affordable way is to become a streamer. The relevant requirements for this are described below.

Content Creators Role Requirements:

  • Follower or Subscriber count: 100 minimum or working hard to get there.
  • Must stream DRG OR Upload DRG related content twice a Month
  • Must post in #drg-streams or #drg-videos when streaming or uploading a new video of DRG
  • Must keep the content account linked to discord on their profile (Twitch, Youtube, etc.) (If not linked due to other reasons, you must provide a link, but will be better that it is linked)

After you reach these requirements, you will need to contact or most likely the DRG developers will contact you and send you a code to receive the skin.

Guide by Ansarik Kent.

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