Delve Deeper

Delve Deeper – Complete Relics Guide

This guide will be covering the details of all relics that you can obtain in Delve Deeper. If you’re one of the players trying to find a certain relic in the game, make sure to check the details below.

Delve Deeper Relics Guide

Please note that some of the relics listed below will unlock some of the achievements in the game.

Delve Deeper

Bogus Relics

  • A cranky old man (Uncommon)
  • A picture of treasure (Common)
  • A moment of zen (Common)
  • A fowl odor (Common)
  • A portal to the present (Common)
  • A beard of deep bees (Uncommon)
  • A fistful of spiders (Uncommon) (Achievement-related)
  • A faceful of snakes (Uncommon)
  • A goblin ambush (Rare)
  • The spammish inquisition (Rare) (Achievement-related)
  • A box of tribbles (Rare)
  • The heart of darkness (Rare)
  • A book of vorgon poetry (Rare)
  • Unlucky strikes (Common)
  • Pirate grog (Common)
  • A can o’ worms (Uncommon)
  • The dead man’s chest (Rare)
  • An obvious trap (Uncommon)
  • A box of goblin assassins (Uncommon)
  • Rune of regicide (Rare)
  • Deal with the devil (Rare)
  • Helmet o’ doom (Rare)

Dusty Relics

All of these relics can be found in common treasure chests.

  • Magic book of curses
  • Grimoire of Jakob Wilhelm
  • Gastrinomicon ex morta
  • Dwarven songs of yore
  • Misra’s malice
  • A jug of slime squeezings
  • A tin of speckled caveleaf
  • Codex of infinite bland
  • A bag of molding
  • A box of hats
  • A barrel of elderberry wine
  • A box of goblin rotgut
  • A pair of hammerpants
  • Crow’s bar
  • A winged Flugelhorn
  • A box o‘ chocolates
  • Argos‘ spiked gorget
  • Argos‘ bestial barding
  • The epic of Mechagilga
  • A ten gallon stein
  • A pair of hair Jordains
  • Verminous vambraces
  • A chunk of petrified orc
  • Shiny baubles
  • A trebuchet schematic
  • Mamma D’s flopjacks
  • Herb’s herbal supplements
  • Miner potion of healing
  • Book of Leet Kune Do
  • Rune of Reggie
  • Mirrored shield
  • Sprint shoes
  • Jack’s purity of essence
  • Magoo’s moon mountain mead

Normal Relics

All of these relics can be found in uncommon treasure chests.

  • Fat lute
  • History of non-future
  • Souvereign’s orb of Hantioch
  • A bunch of pickled goldberries
  • The king in gold
  • The book of Eyebon
  • The king’s mithril beardcomb
  • The crown of the old king
  • A cask of firebeard whiskey
  • Peg-leg oleg’s peg
  • Prince Edward’s harp
  • Samson’s hairpiece
  • Dwarf side of the moon
  • Velvet portrait of the king
  • Brass eye
  • Coloring book
  • Bottled message
  • The sister’s sledge
  • A keg of black pudding stout
  • The sword in a stone
  • Grod Ironhammer’s Trusty boots
  • Blue belt of Borwin
  • Golden galoshes of Gerryl
  • Green greaves of Grunwald
  • Red robe of Rinvar
  • Simumants
  • Potion of Healing
  • The way of unpeace
  • The golden book of Dwarfkor
  • Rune of the Stalwart
  • Spiky shoulder pads
  • Finnegan’s finest fopery
  • Gargle blaster recipe

Epic Relics

All of these relics can be found in rare treasure chests, except for one (see brackets).

  • The pink pangolin (Achievement-related)
  • Borgan’s horn of heroes
  • Jargrath’s crystal balls (Achievement-related)
  • Tome of Tomes
  • The treasure of Seramadre
  • Mamma D’s Firecakes
  • Pair of loaded dice
  • Stuffed Animal collection
  • A king’s ransom
  • Lucky dragon’s foot
  • The most valuable bauble
  • Solid gold shortbread
  • Stein of everfrost
  • Bonan’s timber axe
  • Arthorin’s Excaliper
  • Glimron’s one ring
  • Klink’s sword of mastery
  • Orcan’s razor
  • Horgis’ steel sledge
  • Ellesoleth’s enchanted bow
  • The maltese falchion
  • A jar of dragon mayo
  • A bottle of elf bubblewine
  • Beardmaster 3000
  • Elixir
  • The art of war
  • Rune of Dominion
  • Rune of Deception
  • Rune of Avarice
  • Rune of the Master
  • Rune of Skill
  • Rune of Health
  • Rune of Victory
  • Genji’s Gloves
  • Gilbert’s ‘cur-sed’ gauntlets
  • Crystal chasm water
  • King’s red rum (Common)

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