Demetrios Trophy List and Guide for PS4

Developer and Publisher Killmonday Games AB has released the official Demetrios trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In Demetrios, players will be collecting 37 trophies consisting of 21 bronze, 11 silver, 4 gold, and 1 platinum. 15 out of 37 trophies are secret. Check out the full Demetrios trophies for PS4 below.

Demetrios Trophies

Cynical masterUnlock all trophies in Demetrios.
Cookie eaterGet half of the game cookies
Cookie expertGet all the game cookies
I love to dieDie ten times
Game Over fanExperience half of the Game Overs
Game Over expertExperience all of the Game Overs
I love to eat rotten thingsEat 3 rotten things on the floor
Please help!Use at least 10 cookies
I hate little girls (Secret)Get rid of Caroline at the hideout
Insulting the parents (Secret)Sandra insults her parents in her postcard
Insulting the hotel (Secret)Sandra write insults about the hotel
Insulting the statue (Secret)Insult the statue in the last room
No respect for the police (Secret)Do dirty things at the police station
Mommy, let's go to the funfair!Win 100 coins at the funfair
Trophy Plate ShootWin the Plate Shoot trophy
Trophy Pet ShootWin the Pet Shoot trophy
Trophy Worm RaceWin the Worm Race trophy
Trophy Horse RaceWin the Horse Race trophy
Bad luck! (Secret)Turn the wheel and die
Let's get them allWin all the plushes at the funfair claw machines
Play on tombsWin 10,000 points on the pinball tombstone
Chapter 1 completeFinish Chapter 1
Chapter 2 completeFinish Chapter 2
Chapter 3 completeFinish Chapter 3
Chapter 4 completeFinish Chapter 4
Chapter 5 completeFinish Chapter 5
Chapter 6 completeFinish the game
Oops, I fell (Secret)Fall from the roof accidentally
I wanna live! (Secret)Decide not to commit suicide after being poisoned
Doctor Frankenstein (Secret)Create a clone of Bjorn and Caroline
Lick that! (Secret)Order Sandra to lick the statue
Just die, I don't care (Secret)Refuse to help Henri
Will you wake up?! (Secret)Try disturbing things on Henri
I thought that would work! (Secret)Put the entire plant in the sorcerer's glass
Leaving without closing the faucet (Secret)Forget to close the faucet before leaving Paris
Flood the museum ground (Secret)Spill all the water in the container at the museum
Funfair completeGet all funfair items

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