Demon's Souls

Demon’s Souls – Best Armors That You Need to Equip

This guide will be showing you the best armors that you can equip in Demon’s Souls. Discover its effect and other benefits of these armors in the game.

We all know how extremely punitive and challenging this game can be, but there are ways to make the experience less terrible and this guide will teach you everything you need to know about the best armor in the game.

This guide serves both those who have never played a Souls-Like and those who are a little more experienced in games of the genre but do not know much about Demon Souls.

Demon’s Souls’ Best Armors

We chose the top five armor, see below:

Dull Gold Armor

Demon's Souls

Dull gold armor is specifically for female body types and is an average piece of armor. Its durability rating is high, making it a sturdy set, and it also comes with a high resistance to damage by bleeding and poison, making it an effective piece to use. It’s not the heaviest armor you’ll find, but it’s also not the lightest.

There are two ways you can get this armor:

  • The slightly easier way is to get her out of a phosphorescent slug-like loot in the world 5-2, which is located on a small island right after the character Selen Vinald.
  • The slightly harder and harder way is to kill Selen Vinald and take her out after defeating her.

Dark Silver Armor

Demon's Souls

This armor is a set designed for male character types. Its best uses are against Spell, Fire, and Bleed damage, and it’s also good against Physical attacks and Cuts with its high Durability rating.

The way to get this armor is to soot Garl Vinland when he is in his human form. He is the companion and lover of the Maiden Astraea, found in the world 5-3.

Brushwood Armor

Demon's Souls

This particular set is the heaviest in the game, but it also offers the best defense against physical attacks. If you are a heavy build player, this armor is probably right for you. But be careful, as this is not fair either against the status effects inflicted.

To obtain this armor, do the following:

  • For the draw route, you can take off the armor of a corpse at the bottom of the castle, where you find the Miralda Executioner in the world 1-1.
  • The battle route involves killing Biorr of the Twin Fangs in World 1-3.

Ancient King’s Armor

Demon's Souls

The Ancient King set has high durability and is for male character types. It is an average building with good fire protection and has a good overall defensive rating. It is arguably the best set of the game as it is well balanced and not very heavy.

For this armor you must kill Old King Doran in the Mausoleum in World 1 – 1. This will be accessible as soon as you get the Ostrava key, which is in the same world.

Now you must be well equipped to take on the frustratingly fun bosses of Demon’s Souls!

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