Desolate Roads Achievement and Walkthrough Guide

Desolate Roads

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get 100% achievements in Desolate Roads. If you’re one of the players trying to obtain all Desolate Roads achievements, this one is for you.

There’s a total of 5 achievements in the game. To get all achievements, you need to play the game two times. Yes, two times as one of the achievements will require you to get the 2nd ending.

Desolate Roads Achievement Guide

  • Start a new game.
  • Turn around and keep going up on the road, when you reach the fog you should earn an achievement.
  • Keep going a bit more to die and click retry.
  • Enter your car and leave. (1/5)
  • Keep heading forward and you will receive a phone message.
  • Press RMB if you want to read messages, you will be getting them as you progress through the game, reading is not required.
  • As you follow the road you should see a green car.
  • Enter it and leave. (2/5)
  • Keep following the road, when you see an opening with a path leading to the right follow it.

  • You should see a small shed at the end of the path, open the toolbox and pick up the wire cutter.
  • Return back to the road and head back to the green car.
  • Follow the path near the green car.

Note: At this point a creature will appear trying to kill you, go back to the green car and enter it. While in the car move the needle using A and D between station 100 and 102 to keep the needle in the green zone until the creature disappears.

  • When the path ends, keep following the lampposts.
  • Head towards the gate and pick up the key hanging on the sign.
  • Head back the way you came from but when you see a path leading to the left follow it.

  • Enter the orange car and while inside look to the right, you should see a lighter on the seat; pick it up. (3/5)
  • Keep following the path, and now the creature will spawn again.
  • Keep following the path until you see a blue car, enter it and use the frequency as before to get rid of the creature. (4/5)
  • Keep going and if the creatures appears again return to the blue car to get rid of it.
  • When you reach the intersection take the path to the left and you should see a house.

  • Enter the house and head upstairs.
  • Pick up the crowbar.
  • Leave the house and follow the path straight until you reach the road.
  • Turn to the left and keep heading straight up the road until you reach a roadblock.
  • Interact with a box behind the roadblock and pick up the rust remover and the fuel can.
  • Keep going down the road, enter the truck and leave it. (5/5)
Behind the Wheels

Note: If a monster appears return to the truck and get rid of it. At this point you can select to follow 2 different endings. You will need to replay the game again since there are no saves.

Ending #1

  • Continue until you reach the path that leads left where we found the wire cutter.
  • Interact with the vice and pick up the bolt cutter.
  • Return to the path near the green car and go to the gate where we found the key.
  • Interact with the gate and go through to the pier to finish the game
Finish the game

Ending #2

  • Keep following the road until you reach your car (red).
  • If a monster spawns as you progress hide in a car and get rid of it.
  • While sitting in the car open your inventory from the pause menu and select the fuel can. Press G to use it.
  • Open your inventory again and select the lighter. Press G to use it.
Finish the game with the 2nd ending
Written by Marklar and Bunny.