DEVOUR – How to Pass Through the Slaughterhouse

This guide is for beginners and just people playing Devour.


Everything happens in Chicago, USA. Nathan arrives at the slaughterhouse where he used to work. But he did not come for the purpose of working. He wanted to summon Azazel and for this he decides to kill live piglets. He is starving, the body is being depleted. And at this moment we already arrive, in order to make a ritual and expel the rotten nechest

There are also 5 notes scattered on the map.

The first one talks about a piglet who went to the market, stayed at home, ate roast beef, did nothing. Because Nathan smashed his ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ head.

The second one talks about the ritual, how Nathan gathered all the piglets for the ritual. “It’s better for them to die like this. They do not kill to fill greedy human stomachs,” it is written in paragraph 2. According to Nathan, the souls of these piglets will give him strength, after that it is written a little below.

“To Us. They will give us strength.” It is written already when there is a demon in Nathan.

The third note about the recipe for boiled pork head.

  1. Remove hair, eyes, snout and brains.
  2. Soak in salted water for two hours (change the water 3.4 times)
  3. Drain the water from the head and into the castrum, which should be filled with cold water.
  4. Simmer for 3-4 hours until fully cooked.

The fourth is about Nathan’s work in the slaughterhouse. The note talks about colleagues who are bothering him. But when he becomes a qual. special., then he will get out of here and travel all over the world, for example, Bourdain. “I’ll show them all that I did it,” it says at the end.

In the fifth, about Nathan’s habit of the sound of piglets when gutting. “It doesn’t bother me anymore.”

He also even envies them, because the piglets do not need to work, there is nothing to worry about. Just eat and eat. “In a way, I understand how it is.”

Tips for Passing

1. First you need to carry all the first aid kits and gasoline to the crushing room. Gasoline needs only 10 pieces. This is necessary in order not to distort gasoline after each destroyed pig. And first aid kits that would not look for while your teammate is being killed.

2. Before destroying the pigs, collect all the keys to the pens. There are 5 of them in total. They usually spawn in different places. When you open the pigs, you search the manure piles. In one of them (most often it is either 5 or 4) there will be a key to the paddock on the street. When you open it, do not open the pens anymore, but leave them on the trail.

3. The more pigs you * chop* the faster the boss will be.

4. To bring down the hunt, you need to shine a UV flashlight until he screams, but if his eyes are red. then the flashlight will not help, and you will have to wait.

5. Ritual to victory. (all in detail)

We start the crusher in advance and hang 1 pig on the hook. Then each person takes 1 pig in his hand. As a result, 5 pigs. We are going to the ritual. 1 person stands and turns pigs for us, 2 fills the benz with a perk, 3 and 4 are standing at the top.

And now in more detail. We turn 1 pig down, a person with a perk stands on the 2nd floor in advance and puts 2 pigs on a hook, immediately jumps down and fills the benz with cd, when at this time he turns 1 kabasik of other kabasik, he does it until we all free our hands and can twist for him. And that’s it, the first 5 pigs went to barbecue. And remember, the most important thing on this map is your hearing, if a demon is nearby, then a person without a pig gets up where the demon walks, at this moment he just needs to listen and anticipate the moment. He will be like cannon fodder (if possible, blind).

There are 2 batch of pigs left. Here you already need to turn on the reaction, the brain and everything in general to win. After all, the hard part for the brain is about to begin.

Now there are 5 pigs running around the map, and to be honest, it’s pretty hard to find them at the end. We walk on the vent, we take the bones. We also launch the bouncer and impale the pig as in the beginning. Then we take the pigs until everyone has one in their hand. If there is an attack, and you are with a grunt, then go to the hole under the stairs (check interesting places, everything is there). The main thing here is not to die to anyone, but if someone died, then we throw the pig and go to help (if no one has a free hand for the pharmacy). We collect 5 more in short, if there is no attack, then we go to the ritual and finish off the remaining ones.

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