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Did Pokemon GO Increased The Spawn Rate of Generation V Pokemon?

Niantic has just recently added a new set of Pokemon in the hit AR mobile game, Pokemon GO. Pokemon originally discovered from the Unova region were added last January 10th and since that day, many things have changed in the game.

While the addition of the new Pokemon is a pretty common thing in Pokemon GO, it seems that unusual events are happening in the game right now. According to a Pokemon GO user, he noticed that the spawn rates of Generation V Pokemon have increased.

Pokemon GO

To clarify this report, we reached out Niantic’s support team about this concern. Fortunately, we quickly got a response to our inquiry. To clear the confusion of many players, Niantic confirmed that there is no spawn rate increase of Generation V Pokemon since it was released.

And that’s it! I hope this clears the rumors about the spawn rate increase of the newly released Unova Pokemon.

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