Dinkum Fishing

Dinkum Fishing | How Does it Work?

Fishing is one of the main features of Dinkum, a new survival and farming video game from James Bendon. Before you start catching some fish in the game, you need to meet certain requirements. This guide will show you the details and other important information about fishing in Dinkum.

Fishing Requirements

As mentioned earlier, you need to meet the requirement before you can start fishing. First, you need to acquire your Fishing License, which costs a total of 250 Permit Points (PT). You can get the Fishing License from Fletch.

After you obtain your Fishing License, go to John and purchase your very first fishing rod. Once you have it, you’re set to go.

How to Catch Fish

After obtaining your Fishing License and fishing rod, go to where you can catch fish. Basically, you need to go near the edge of the river where you can see the swimming fish. Note that these fishes will not magically appear in your location, so you have to search for them in different areas.

Now that you find some fish swimming in the river, select your fishing rod and use it. Cast the bait from your fishing rod using your Left Mouse Button. The longer you hold the Left Mouse Button, the farther your character will cast the line.

Make sure that the bait drops near the fish. In case you cast too far from the fish, simply reel the line until it reaches the fish. Otherwise, you are always free to recast the line by clicking the Right Mouse Button.

Once the bait is near the fish and the fish started moving towards it, wait until the fishing float or boober started splashing. Splashing means that a fish was caught. You will also see a new icon on the right side of the screen, which represents the tension of the line.

Dinkum Fishing

Note that if you reached the maximum tension, your fishing line will snap and the fish will escape. To avoid this from happening, only reel when the fish is not fighting. You can notice that the fish is fighting by the splashing effect in the water. If you don’t see it, start reeling the fish.

Don’t rush things as you will only waste the bait or worst, your line will be broken. Slowly reel the fish until it reaches you. Once it’s near the edge from where you are standing, your character will automatically pull the fish out of the water.

Dinkum Fishing

And that’s how you fish in Dinkum. We are covering more guides for Dinkum. Feel free to check our Dinkum archive page to learn more. If you’re a beginner, we recommend that you check our Dinkum controls guide.

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