Disc Room

Disc Room Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how to get the 100% achievement in Disc Room. If you’re one of the players planning to obtain all achievements in Disc Room, this guide is exclusively made for you.

Disc Room

Disc Room Achievement Guide

Before we start with the guide, please note that this post contains some spoilers in the game. Continue reading at your own risk.

Gatekeeper Achievements

Achievements awarded for defeating any of the five gatekeepers.

STRONG SCIENCE – Defeat the armored gatekeeper

  • The Armored Gatekeeper isn’t too far into the game, this should be pretty easy.

VIOLENT NATURE – Defeat the overgrown gatekeeper

  • Overgrown Gatekeeper is the boss of the second area, another easy one.

CELESTIAL BODY – Defeat the carnivorous gatekeeper

  • The flesh area is to the left of the overgrown area, which is where this boss is.

PITCH BLACK – Defeat the phantom gatekeeper

  • Another required boss, this one to the right of the overgrown area.

BIG BANG – Defeat the ultimate gatekeeper

  • After you’ve defeated all other gatekeepers, head upward in the center of the map to unlock the area that the Ultimate Gatekeeper resides in. Functions as the final boss.

Incremental Achievements

Achievements that you get from you getting a better time score, exploring more rooms, etc. over the course of your playthrough.

WHO’S COUNTING? – Walk 10k steps

  • If you’re going for 100% or otherwise, this will unlock itself by you just playing the game.

MINIT – Survive 60 seconds in any room

  • There’s a couple of rooms in the game that you can do this in easily, namely the room “The Aging Process” in the flesh zone. Remember you have a fast forward key! “Q” on the keyboard and “L1” on the controller.

Note: The name and icon of this achievement is a reference to the dev’s other game Minit! Cool right?

LET IT RIP – Die from all discs in one zone

  • If you’re aiming for 100%, this will come along the way. Otherwise, go to the first area and try and find all of the discs there, it’s not that hard.

GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL – Die from all discs

  • I’m not gonna tell you where all 64 different discs are in the game as that would be way too much for this one guide. But if I do a separate guide for this achievement I will link it here. Not too many discs are really hard to find outside of the ones locked behind puzzles so you might be fine without a guide. I believe in you.

EXPLORER I – Explore all rooms

  • Does not count ???? rooms. You’ll get this over time by generally being a completionist, and going in new rooms when they open up.

PIONEER – Explore all ???? Rooms

  • ???? rooms only unlock after meeting very high requirements. There are only eight of these rooms in the game, and only appear on the map when you’ve met the requirements, so make sure to check the map every once in a while to see if you’ve happened to meet one of the requirements. The requirements of each of the eight rooms are as follows:
    • Defeat 5 Gatekeepers
    • Unlock 6 different abilities
    • Explore 44 hard rooms
    • Survive 999 seconds in total
    • Die from 64 disc types
    • Explore 50 rooms
    • Survive 20 seconds in 55 rooms
    • Survive 10 seconds in 44 hard rooms

All of these are self-explanatory, but if you still need help, the answer is somewhere else in this guide.

IN THE ZONE – Survive 20 seconds in every room in one zone

  • Relatively easy to get in the first zone.

I AM THE ZONE – Survive 20 seconds in every room

  • This one is pretty hard. Really I don’t have much to say other than good luck bud. Also, this achievement does not count ???? rooms, as the requirements of one of the rooms is to get this achievement.

POWER SURGE – Unlock all 6 abilities

  • The discs that grant each of these abilities are as follows:
    • Dash is given by the dasher disc in the “Blades Runner” room
    • Slow is given by the slower disc in the “Greenhouse” room
    • Clone is given by the replicator disc in the “First Blood” room
    • Absorb is given by the ghost disc in the “Infrared” room
    • Blast is given by the phase disc in the “It’s Just a Phase” or “Scientific Method” rooms
    • The mirror is given by the golden mirror disc in the “Binary Orbit” golden room
  • The first time you die to any of these discs, the ability will be given to you.

Hard Mode Achievements

Achievements that involve the hard mode of the game.

AGAIN – Start hard mode

  • After you beat the Ultimate Gatekeeper, the ending cutscene will play and the credits will roll. After that, you will have the option to start hard mode. Say yes to this and you will now be able to play hard mode, along with having the achievement.

I CAME I SAWED I CONQUERED – Complete hard mode

  • After making it to bottom of the map in hard mode, you’ll enter the same hole you came out of at the beginning of the game, the final cutscene will play, and the achievement is yours.

EXPLORER II – Explore all hard rooms

  • If you’re being diligent about exploring rooms and stick to it, you should have this in no time.

I AM THE DISC – Survive 10 seconds in every hard room

  • This isn’t as bad as it sounds, as most hard mode rooms require you to 10 seconds anyway (or more in some cases). Again just keep at it, you’ll get this eventually if you try.

HIGH HELL – Survive 20 seconds in any hard room

  • This is difficult but doable. I’d say the easiest time you’ll have is trying this in the room named “The Aging Process”, or maybe some of the darkness zone rooms. Really, just do whatever room you’re best at. You’ll get it eventually.

Gold Room Achievements

Achievements that involve the various gold rooms throughout the game.

GOLD I – Discover the first golden room

  • The first golden room: “Star Map”, can be found at the bottom right of the map, connected to the first zone in the game. The room requires you to die to 15 different disc types before entering. Should be easy enough to do in the first zone in the game.

GOLD II – Discover the second golden room

  • The second golden room: “Rare Element”, can be found at the bottom left of the map, connected to the flesh zone in the game. The room requires you to die to 30 different disc types before entering.

GOLD III – Discover the third golden room

  • The third golden room: “Binary Element”, can be found at the top right of the map, connected to the dark zone in the game. The room requires you to die to 45 different types of discs before entering.

GOLD IV – Discover the fourth golden room

  • The fourth golden room: “Golden Frequency”, can be found at the top left of the map, connected to the final zone of the game. The room requires you to die 60 different types of discs before entering. You’ll probably be well into the final zone before you unlock this.

VOYAGER – Uncover the golden mystery

  • The Voyager achievement requires you to solve different puzzles in the Rare Element, Binary Element, and Golden Frequency gold rooms.
    • Rare Element – In the second gold room, you’ll need to activate symbols on the ground by bouncing the two discs off of the same wall with the blast ability.
      Each disc corresponds to a symbol, and one of the discs bonking a wall a second time shuts it off. Aim to blast both discs toward the southern wall, and kinda juggle them back to it when they approach the northern wall. Making it so that when the first disc bounces off the wall, the second can also bounce off the wall before the first can reach the northern wall and deactivate the symbol. Completing this puzzle also allows you to die to a new disc. Stick to it, this could take some time.
    • Binary Element – In the third gold room, you’ll need to die to the disc that mirrors your movements. Use the clone ability while walking to distance yourself from the clones you make. Then run one of your clones into the disc, as the disc only mirrors one of the instances of the character. Completing this puzzle gives you the mirroring ability and a new disc entry.
    • Golden Frequency – In the fourth gold room you’ll need to detach wall discs from the walls to light up symbols on the ground. You can’t use the blast ability to detach the wall discs as it will leave one symbol unlit. Instead, use the absorb ability to absorb one of the wall discs in the room, then die and reset the room. you now have access to the two wall discs in the room and also the one you absorbed in your previous life. Now let go of the third wall disc, then absorb and release the other two discs to make the symbols light up. Completing this puzzle allows you to die to a new disc.
  • After completing these puzzles, go back to the first golden room and you should see a golden orb in the center of the room where the disc was. Pick up the orb, watch the cutscene, and enjoy your achievement.

Puzzle Achievements

Achievements that relate to you having to do some sort of puzzle to be awarded them.

ENIGMA – Follow the path

  • In order to find the secret in the “Timeless” room you must find and input a code. Finding that code goes as follows:
    • As the description of the achievement implies, you first have to go to the room to the right of “Timeless”, a room called “The Path”. As soon as you enter, discs will spawn moving in different directions as they do. The order and direction they are when they spawn is a code. All together, the code spells out: left, down, down, left, up, right, up.
  • Now that you have the code you need to input the code. First die in this room. Now that you have the room select hud up, input the code by moving to rooms in the order of the code. Don’t try this in the map screen in the pause menu as it won’t work. When you finish the code, you should be looking at the “Timeless” room. Enter the room and you have your achievement. You also get to a new disc too.


  • Feed teeth 4 bodies is the translation for the description. Go to the “Rotted Antibody” room with the clone ability equipped. Then after collecting some orbs, start spamming the clone ability. Go to a corner to bunch up at least 4 of your clones into a group, then let the teeth enemy eat them. Do this 3 more times and you unlock the southern room and the achievement.

FLOORED – ???? the ????

  • Flip the floor or something like change the floor is the translation for the description I’m not sure. Go to the “Safety First” room. You’ll need to use the dash ability to step on some floor tiles while avoiding others. Step on all of the tiles around the edge, EXCEPT for the 2 on the complete left and right sides of the room. Then lastly step on the middle tile, dashing over the tiles in between. The northern room should unlock and the achievement is yours. The room “Danger Zone” has a similar puzzle where you step on the tiles between the outside and innermost tile. Doing that nets you a new disc to die too.

Miscellaneous Achievements

Achievements that don’t really fit into any other category.

MULTICASKET – Die from 4 different discs in one life

  • Go into a room with more than four disc types with the clone ability equipped. Spam clones and just run them into as many discs as you can while keeping one alive.

SPEED DEMON – Hold down FFW for 10 seconds straight

  • Easiest room to do this in is “The Aging Process” in the flesh zone.

SKELETON REVIVAL – Defeat and revive an antibody

  • Go to a room with any antibody enemy, and keep collecting orbs until they die, and are resurrected after enough orbs are collected.

TELEPORTER ACCIDENT – End a run from the map

  • While still living, pause the game, open the map, and enter a different room. You die in the process.

THE WALLS HAVE EYES – Face the golden carcass

  • Defeating all four antibody enemies back to back will allow you to enter the “Golden Carcass” room north of the “Brutal Antibody” room, and encounter the golden carcass.

SPAWN KILL – Survive 0 seconds or less

  • As soon as you spawn in a room, hold down the ability button while slow is equipped and walk into where an enemy will spawn. If done correctly, the timer will not count up past 0:00:000. This will also unlock the “Stay Sharp” room.

RAGEQUIT – Quit to main menu within 2 seconds after dying

  • I feel for the people that got this achievement without trying to.

MULTITASKER – Defeat the ultimate gatekeeper using every ability

  • After you beat the Ultimate Gatekeeper the first time, go back after the credits roll and simply beat him again with the other five abilities. This will take you some time, good luck.

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