Disco Elysium Gun Location | Where and How to Find

This guide will be covering the details on where and how you can find your gun after losing in Disco Elysium. If you’re one of the fellas who are looking for a weapon after a pretty bad hangover, this one is for you.

Before we start, please note that this guide contains some spoilers of the game. Continue reading at your own risk.

A Deadly Hangover

At beginning of the game, when you wake up you find out your gun is missing. Depending on your choices, you can report your missing badge and GUN! You may not want to tell them about this case though, but we recommend you to trust Kim.

You can skip this part if you wish. If you won’t here’s the part: You can speak to Roy, he is the owner of the pawnshop. You can ask him if anyone has sold a gun to him or bought a gun… Roy’s don’t know where the gun is but he’ll give you some information about who bought it, as you can see you sold your gun to a pawnshop.

Where is Pawnshop?

When you exit the Whirling-in-Rags, you must proceed to the south to find Pawnshop.

Keep Tracking Gun

To keep tracking your gun, you must talk to Evart. You’ll need to agree to what Evart Claire asked you and you must do it. You must first complete the “Open apartment door for Evrart ” quest then you must complete the “Get two signatures for Evrart”. You must complete both of them to get your gun.

Note: You can fake the signatures in order to protect the villagers.

Where is Evart?

Evart Claire is working for the Union and he is in the Union of Harbour Workers.

After you complete these two side quests, speak to Evart about your gun. He’ll tell you who got your gun and why has it. Then he’ll send you to “Abandoned Boardwalk”. You cannot get there until Day 3. Because of then, you broke down the water lock before the hangover.

When the water lock is repaired, go to Broadwalk at/or after 22:00. Then you’ll meet there someone called The Pigs. Getting near her will trigger a conversation automatically.

After you handle the situation depending on your choices, the quest will be completed. You’ll have an option to take the gun or throw it away, the quest will complete either way. I recommend you to have it, carrying a gun will change up some things in further quests.

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