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Discover One Punch Man’s Most Powerful Attacks We Have Witnessed

One-Punch Man is a universe that places no limits on the powers of its characters. It is common to see in the anime an attack with more than enough force to destroy city blocks – or even cities – with a single shot. And being an anime full of incredible attacks, it’s hard for us to choose which is the strongest in the series.

So it’s up to you to decide which attack below has the greatest destructive power!

One Punch Man’s Most Powerful Attacks

One Punch Man
Saitama | One Punch Man

Atomic Slash

First of all, living up to the name of its creator, the Atomic Slash from One Punch Cman is a powerful, totally offensive attack that aims to tear the enemy to pieces. Holding his sword, Atomic Samurai strikes his opponent over a hundred times in several directions. This attack is the most powerful of the hero, but it leaves him tired because it demands a lot from his body.

Super Spiral Incineration Cannon

This is one of the most powerful attacks by the student of Saitama, the cyborg known as Genos. Being basically a robot, Genos has several weapons implanted in his body, some with enough charge to explode large regions instantly. This attack aims to bring together all the weapons in Genos’ body to fire a beam of heat that is capable of melting just about everything. It is undoubtedly a more than worthy skill for a Class-S hero.

Consecutive Normal Punches

Although simple, these punches are attacks made consecutively by Saitama, the strongest man in the world, so they are not at all weak. During his fight against Boros, Saitama used this technique against villains and divided it into small parts. Boros did not die in the attack, but it was amazing to see the magnitude of this technique in action.

Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon

The combination of blue and gold color certainly gave this attack an extraordinary effect – perhaps the best effect in anime. After being divided into small parts by Saitama’s Consecutive Normal Punches, Lord Boros rages and carries all his energy in his mouth against the bald hero. If Saitama had not countered with the Serious Punch, surely the planet Earth would cease to exist.

Deadly Serious Series: Serious Punch

Finally, this is Saitama’s most powerful technique in One Punch Man. He only used Serious Punch for one time in the anime and that’s when he fought against Boros. The impact of this punch, in addition to killing Boros, was strong enough to separate all the clouds from Earth – no other has managed to accomplish such a great feat.

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