One Piece Orochi

Watch: One Piece Debuts Shogun Orochi’s Terrifying Devil Fruit Transformation

One Piece’s Wano Country Island Arc surely excites fans by showing off new powerful enemies that Luffy and the others need to face. The latest One Piece episode just revealed how Shogun Orochi looks like when he transformed using his mythical devil fruit, Snake-Snake fruit mode: Yamata-no-Orochi.

The previous episode of the anime series teased the incoming commotion and One Piece Episode 927 of the series really showcased it. In order to protect his status as a Shogun, Orochi decided to transform into an eight-headed serpent and deal with the Komurasaki’s action.

One Piece Orochi

Not only did Episode 927 give us how Orochi looks like on his devil fruit form, but it also gave us a hint of how strong the current shogun is. With his transformation, people in the banquet started panicking.

Although we have already seen how Orochi looks like in the One Piece manga, seeing him making his full transformation with complete animation is much different and chilling. This was the same for the rest of the story for Orochi dealing with Komurasaki. But how strong do you think Orochi is now that we have finally got a glimpse of his devil fruit?

What did you think of Shogun Orochi’s devil fruit transformation debut as Yamata-no-Orochi? Will the Straw Hats be able to handle his strength? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.