Dead No-Head

Does Dead No-Head have controller support?

Most PC games right now allow players to control the game however they want. A video game with more control options will offer players more comfort. This is why game developers need to consider controller options, especially if they have plans to port the game to consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. However, some of the PC games may require more buttons than a controller can provide. This guide will tell you whether BT Studios’ Dead No-Head has controller support that you can take advantage of.

Controllers Works Fine

Dead No-Head

Since the release of the game, we’ve played Dead No-Head for almost 5 straight hours. We actually enjoyed the overall gameplay using the mouse and keyboard. As it is an action-RPG game where you control a certain character, we wonder if we can use a gamepad controller to play Dead No-Head.

While the game’s Steam page does not include a controller support tag, we can confirm that you can still play Dead No-Head using a controller through Steam input. For those who are still unaware, Steam has a default configuration for games like this. Interestingly, we also noticed that the developer has confirmed that the game itself does not have controller support but can be played with a gamepad controller through Steam input.

So, are you going to play Dead No-Head using a controller? If you’re sticking with your mouse and keyboard, then here are the Dead No-Head keyboard controls.

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