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Does V Rising have Controller Support?

V Rising has finally emerged on PC and many players have already started their journey in the game. Just like any other massively multiplayer game, V Rising comes with multiple actions that are assigned on both keyboard and mouse buttons. While the official page of V Rising on Steam does not show any controller support, many gamers are still asking if you can play the game using a gamepad controller. So, does V Rising have controller support?

Technically, you can play V Rising using a gamepad controller. However, due to the massive number of actions in the game, you can’t bind all of them to your controller buttons. You can plug in your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or even a generic controller and V Rising will be able to detect it. By default, you can control your character using the left analog stick, while the right analog stick of your controller will allow you to pan the view of the camera. Other buttons will also have some actions but as mentioned, not all needed actions can be accommodated using a gamepad controller.

Does V Rising have Controller Support?

V Rising’s official Steam page confirmed that the game does not have official controller support. However, V Rising can detect a controller if it is connected to your computer. The developer of the game also does not recommend using a controller as V Rising is best enjoyed with a keyboard and mouse.

Quoted from the game developer’s statement on V Rising’s community page on Steam:

We are not planning on designing the game with a controller or gamepad in mind for the time being. We are developing V Rising to be best enjoyed with keyboard and mouse while making sure that it is easy enough for everyone to learn the controls. During our tests, players who mostly enjoy games with a controller/gamepad learned the controls on the keyboard and mouse without issues during their first V Rising experiences. Furthermore, you will be able to bind keys to the different commands to make it even easier for you to play V Rising exactly as you want, giving you all the freedom you need to enact all your dark desires!

With the official words from the developer, are you still wanting to play V Rising using a controller? Let us know your plans in the comment section below.

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