Dolmen Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

Massive Work Studio has officially launched Dolmen, an action RPG game. The game features dynamic combat, mysterious planet exploration, and gruesome boss encounters.

The game developer promised some challenging activities in Dolmen, which is why new players should also be prepared. To become one of Dolmen’s challenges, one must be familiar with the game’s basic controls. So, to help you get started, you will find the full list of Dolmen controls below.

Dolmen Controls

Let’s start this guide with the default Dolmen key bindings and shortcuts for Windows PC.

MovementW A S D
Use ItemR
Energy ModeF
Dodge / RollSpace
Light AttackLeft Mouse Button
Heavy AttackRight Mouse Button
Lock OnMiddle Mouse Button
Cycle Right Hand1
Cycle Left Hand2
Cycle Ranged Weapon3
Cycle Item4
Interface ConfirmEnter
Interface ControlArrow Keys
Menu / Interface ControlEsc
Dolmen Controls

Apart from the mouse and keyboard support, you can also play Dolmen on PC using gamepad controllers. You can find the default controller bindings for Dolmen here. Note that these are also the default controls for the console versions of the game.

MovementLeft Analog Stick
Move CameraRight Analog Stick
Light AttackRT
Heavy AttackRB
Lock OnR3
Energy Mode (Hold)Y
Use ItemX
Cycle Ranged WeaponD-Pad Up
Cycle Left HandD-Pad Left
Cycle Right HandD-Pad Right
Cycle ItemD-Pad Down
Open MenuMenu Button
Dolmen Gamepad Controls

You can also refer to the in-game gamepad controls screenshot below:

With all the Dolmen controls listed above, you’re now well-equipped to fight and survive while fulfilling your missions.