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Dota 2 Outposts and Neutral Items Overview and Quick Guide

Valve has dropped a huge update in Dota 2, which covers three main highlights. First is the introduction of two new heroes, game and item changes, and the addition of two new buildings. These buildings are called Outposts and Neutral Items.

What is Outpost in Dota 2?

Outpost is a new neutral building available in update 7.23. There are two Outposts on the map, located where you can find Side Shop previously. These buildings can be acquired by any team by right-clicking for 6 seconds. The more players to channel the Outpost, the faster it will be converted to your team. But what are the benefits of having Outpost in controlled?

  • You gain XP upon capturing an Outpost.
    • Additional XP at every 5-min regular intervals.
    • XP bonus is 25 min XP to each player.
  • Provides unobstructed vision and 500 AOE True Sight in the area.
  • Outposts also allow you and your team to teleport to them. Teleports takes 6 seconds and shared the delayed teleport duration mechanic with Tier 1 towers.

Dota 2 Outposts are inactive for the first 10 minutes of the match and cannot be captured until they become active.

What are Neutral Items in Dota 2?

Neutral items are dropped by neutrals. Players can equip or share these items with allies. There are 62 items that will be dropped throughout the game divided into five tiers. The first item drop will begin at the 5-minute mark. Below is the neutral drop timeframe that you can follow.

  • 5-15 minutes
    • Tier 1 items: 10% chance
    • Other tiers: 0% chance
  • 15-25 minutes
    • Tier 2 items: 10% chance
    • Other tiers: 0% chance
  • 25-35 minutes
    • Tier 3: 10% chance
    • Other tiers: 0% chance
  • 35-45 minutes
    • Tier 3: 5% chance
    • Tier 4: 5% chance
    • Other tiers: 0% chance
  • 45-70 minutes
    • Tier 4: 10% chance
    • Other tiers: 0% chance
  • 70+ minutes
    • Tier 5: 10% chance
    • Other tiers: 0% chance

And that’s it. Please be reminded that the item drop odds are cut by half. Meaning, if the first drop is 10%, the next drop within the tier will be 5%, and so on. Click here to learn the items that will be dropped from the neutrals.

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