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Dr. Stone Chapter 200 Discussion, Release Date, and Recap

Chapter 199 finally sees the partnership between the Kingdom of Science led by Seku and the leader of the American Colony led by Dr. Xeno. Their new mission? To reach the moon and speak with Whyman.

Dr. Xeno shows off his scientific skills by creating stainless steel. The manga chapter categorized the two scientists as dark and light scientists. Senku being the light scientist to lead everyone into the future and Dr. Xeno is the dark scientist to work in the shadows.

Dr. Stone Chapter 200 Discussions

As the previous chapter says, Dr. Xeno will be the dark scientist. Obviously, he will be doing some of the dark activities that every scientist is doing. As far as I know, there are lots of consequences for every scientific researcher.

Everything has a price and knowing that their mission was to reach the moon, they will have to sacrifice a lot of things. Who knows? We might be seeing some character’s farewell soon.

Dr. Stone Chapter 200 Release Date

The upcoming Chapter 200 of the Dr. Stone manga series will be released on June 13, 2021, Sunday.

The new manga will be part of the next issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. For manga fans who are following the series online, you can catch the next manga installment by visiting the official distributors such as Viz Media and Manga Plus by Shueisha.

Dr. Stone Chapter 159

Usually, the Dr. Stone manga series is getting a new chapter every week unless we see some unexpected delay or schedule changes.

Dr. Stone Chapter 199 Recap

Chapter 199 of Dr. Stone titled “Superalloy” was officially released on June 6, 2021.

Superalloy and Stainless Steel Acquired

The chapter starts with Dr. Xeno creating a machine to detect rare materials on the ground. The team of the Kingdom of Science managed to collect different kinds of rare metals. We also got to see Perseus again. But due to the damage that it already received, they salvaged all the materials that can be useful on their next project.

During this time, we got to see Dr. Xeno creating superalloy, which is a step to making a stronger material that will be used for creating a spacecraft. The chapter also confirms the creation of stainless steel.

Light and Dark Scientist

Dr. Xeno speaks with Senku about their responsibilities. As a person with more knowledge when it comes to rockets, Dr. Xeno is assigned to be the head of the Rocket Engine team, while Senku is assigned for the recreation of Persues.

The nature of their work is different. Dr. Xeno’s job is a little bit dangerous as it involves some poisonous materials and elements. But the leader of the American Colony, Dr. Xeno, is willing to take it as he’s the so-called Dark Scientist. Senku, on the other hand, is a light scientist as he can lead everyone into a bright future.

Superalloy City Acquired

As a result of Dr. Xeno’s knowledge, the Kingdom of Science created the superalloy city. The manga features a number of people celebrating the success that they have achieved in the world of stone.

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