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Dragon Ball: Here’s What Gogeta Looks Like If He’s a Berserk Character

When the news of Kentaro Miura’s death on May 6th became public several days later, it shocked the anime community. The 54-year-old mangaka died of health complications, enveloping the entire industry in mourning and showering him with tributes everywhere, owing to the importance of his legacy.

Many fans of Miura’s best-known work, Berserk, are wondering what will happen to it now that he is no longer alive because it was never completed and was only published infrequently. While some believe it is best to leave it as “unfinished,” rumors that it could continue began to circulate in recent days thanks to a tweet published on the account of Miura’s assistant, Hideki Sugimoto.

Thousands of fans saw a ray of hope here, also translated as “Well, I’ll do my best,” that this mangaka would continue Miura’s work. And it is without a doubt that Sugimoto’s talent is undeniable. Throughout these years of work, he has proven to be up to the task, and while it is impossible to replace Miura, he is likely to do a good job.

In January of this year, a tribute to Dragon Ball was released by this artist. Last January, Sugimoto shared a drawing of himself in which we see Gogeta, the fusion of Goku and Vegeta, launching a Kame-Hame Ha and outlined in the Berserk style. Check out the photo below:

This pose is similar to one seen in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Of course, Sugimoto’s design keeps the character’s muscles, but in a more subtle way than the Akira Toriyama franchise’s strokes, and his complexion is much slimmer. Of course, this is not a complaint.

What did you think of this Gogeta adaptation? Superior to the original, or you enjoy both without favoring one over the other. Please leave us a comment.

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