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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 Hints that Goku is Hiding a New Transformation

Chapter 72 of the Dragon Ball Super manga series came out this Thursday, May 20, 2021, and brought some important revelations to the series. Among them, Chapter 72 suggested that Goku hides a new transformation.

In this new chapter, Goku and Vegeta finally arrived at the planet Cereal and then began their battle against Granola, who seeks to avenge his race.

During the fight against Goku, Granola realizes that the Saiyan is hiding his true power. Goku confirms that he is and reveals that he still has a “much stronger transformation”. However, by the time this statement was made, Goku had already revealed the Ultra Instinct.

Furthermore, even with the Ultra Instinct activated, he ended up being defeated by Granola, who quickly understood how the skill of angels works.

Therefore, fans are wondering what this powerful transformation of Goku really is about, since he used the Super Saiyan God, Ultra Instinct, and Super Saiyan Blue moments earlier.

Unfortunately, this is something that we will only discover in chapter 73 of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Chapter 72 of the Dragon Ball Super manga is available for reading on Manga Plus and Viz Media.

The next installment of the Dragon Ball Super manga series is scheduled for June 20, 2021.

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