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One Piece: How Strong Is Kaido’s Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit?

Now that Kaido’s devil fruit has been revealed, the next question in line is how strong it really is? If you already read One Piece Chapter 921, then you already know what happened. But in case you haven’t read it yet, here’s how it goes.

In Chapter 921, Shutenmaru made his first appearance in One Piece world by slashing Jack on his chest. After that event, the sky becomes dark and a big dragon appeared. Law called Luffy to come and watch the dragon and later on, he told Luffy that the dragon is Kaido.

Kaido's Dragon Form
Kaido’s Dragon Form

Yonko Kaido’s Devil Fruit

Now that’s shocked all of us. While there are theories that Kaido is a mythical Zoan user, it’s surprising that he makes his entrance with his Dragon form. But how strong is this Mythical Dragon Zoan if Kaido is really a user of that Devil Fruit?

Kaido, as a pirate, has been defeated several times. In fact, he has been captured by the Marines but they failed to execute him because of the fact that he is indestructible. Maybe that’s because of the power of Kaido’s mythical Dragon Zoan?

In Chinese mythology, a Dragon symbolizes power, strength, protection, and good luck for people who are worthy. So, this also makes sense that Kaido’s Devil Fruit also have these characteristics.

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I previously mentioned that the Marines captured Kaido and tried to kill him. Obviously, they placed a sea stone to nullify his Devil Fruit’s power. Kaido even tried to kill himself by jumping from the Sky Island. But why Kaido is still alive? It’s because of the characteristics of a dragon, its protection and luck.

Given the fact that Kaido is a Dragon Fruit user, it only means that he has all the ability of a real dragon where he can protect himself, has the power to conquer the world, a luck to extend his life, and more.

Now, while I am writing this article, another question popped up in my mind. Is Kaido a human who ate a Mythical Zoan Fruit or he’s actually a Dragon who ate a Devil Fruit that can transform him into a human? What do you think about this? Feel free to leave your opinion below.

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