DrDisrespect Is Making an Epic Come Back, But Not on Twitch

After receiving a permanent ban on Twitch, the popular streamer DrDisrespect is making an epic comeback. Nope, it’s not on Twitch. This time, he will be on YouTube.

Herschel Beahm IV, also known as DrDisrespect, was banned in June 2020 on Twitch after the controversy that he faced on one of his streams. While it’s not the first for DrDisrespect’s Twitch account to get banned, this is the first time for him to receive the permanent ban from the platform.

Since then, the gaming community and his followers are waiting for his return. It’s been a while since DrDisrespect speaks out since his removal on Twitch and he has been cautious of what he was saying since then.

After almost 2 months of being out of the streaming scene, DrDisrespect surprised his followers with his unexpected return. And as expected, it’s not on Twitch where he received the ban hammer. This time, DrDisrespect is conquering the world of YouTube.

DrDisrespect was on Youtube since 2010 but he suddenly stopped using the platform in 2011 and did not release any new content on the platform for almost 5 years. Now, DrDisrespect started teasing his fans with his return on YouTube. On a Twitter post shared on August 6th, DrDisrespect announced that he will be live on the platform with a caption “tomorrow, we arrive.”

It’s been almost 24 hours since his stream began and DrDisrespect hasn’t made his appearance just yet. If you visit his YouTube channel right now, you will only see a video of a gas station on a rainy day. It is also worth noting that you can see his red icon on top of the building. Will DrDisrespect be moving permanently back to YouTube? Will he be joining the other YouTube gaming channels such as PewDiePie to continue his career?

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