Dreams in the Witch House Achievement Guide and Tips

A guide containing information on all 30 achievements in the game “Dreams in the Witch House”. It assumes that the reader doesn’t mind spoilers and has finishd the game at least once.


This guide is not meant as a walkthrough or a collection of tips & tricks that will help you complete the game in the most efficient of ways. It is rather aimed at people who would like to reach 100% completion, but are unsure on how to unlock specific achievements that they have missed.

The game is a time management survival point & click game. The player must adapt to the needs of the character that they control, Walter Gilman, and keep him in good health and condition to study. The game doesn’t explain this clearly, but the only condition resulting in the “game over” screen is the demise of the protagonist. This means, that the player doesn’t need to worry about Walter getting bad grades in his exams. Not only that – he doesn’t even need to take those at all. The only point of getting good grades is to earn some extra income from aunt Margaret. To my knowledge, she will reward Walter with a few more dollars even if he gets a lousy D. Walter will not get expelled from the university, at no point will he lose access to the library and his precious occult tomes.

Depending on player’s priorities, some actions can be performed earlier or later. It is best to start working on certain achievements early on though. It is also advised to save often. The game has a limit of ~49-50 saves, but one can always copy their files to a safe location in case they need to go back to them. In order to unlock all achievements, at least two playthroughs will be required.

As the title suggests, this is a work in progress. In the future, I would like to improve on this guide by adding visual aid in the form of screenshots and being more descriptive and precise on the conditions of unlocking some of these achievements, including some of the information that isn’t currently mentioned or of which I am not sure. I will also want to put the achievements in an order that makes more sense than it currently does. Until then, I will try to be of assistance if something is unclear.

01. Professional

Finish the game on normal difficulty

One must ensure that Walter survives until the end of April.

02. Expert

Finish the game on hard difficulty

Hard difficulty isn’t as menacing as it might seem. The main difference is that the weekly allowance from aunt Margaret is just $8 instead of $10 on normal difficulty and $12 on easy. This enforces the player to seek other means of gaining income, such as the oddjobs for Mrs. Dombrowski. It is best to pair this achievement with “I Don’t Want to Hear About It”, as it will allow the player to focus solely on the survival aspect of the game, without worrying about losing too much sanity, spending precious money on items such as rat poison or a flashlight. I believe there might be other changes, but when done with the conjunction of “I Don’t Want to Hear About It” achievement, this shouldn’t be an issue.

03. I Don’t Want to Hear About It

Finish the game with zero Occult

By the end of the game, Walter’s statistic of occult must be below 1 point. While it isn’t a difficult task, it might make one’s playthrough a boring one at times. During this playthrough it is best to focus on the studies (math in particular) and making friends (Allison and Elwood). The game should award the player with the achievement even if Walter gains some occult knowledge (as long as the stat in the menu states “0”), but it is easy enough not to gain any points at all and it is advised to remain at 0.0. By saving often, it is possible to avoid accidental increase in the unwanted occult points (such as by reading an incantation found in the cave on the island or attending an exhibition).

04. The End Is Near

Get the worst ending

This ending will happen if the ritual isn’t stopped and Ladislas is sacrificed. This is best done on the playthrough, during which Walter doesn’t learn anything of the occult and ignores anything out of the ordinary. Once Walter is teleported into the witch’s hut at the end of the game, simply wait and do nothing. The ritual will be successful and if Walter didn’t sign the book of Azathoth, he will end up in the black void island. He will be presented with the choice of either signing the book or waiting until Azathoth appears. Signing the book should not prevent the player from getting the worst ending at this point. Personally, I made Walter refuse to sign it and just awaited Azathoth’s arrival (which should grant the player another achievement – “The Blind Idiot God”).

05. Even Death May Die

Walter dies

As simple as it gets. Walter can die at numerous points in the game, including the final part of the game. However, the most effective way to kill Walter as soon as possible, is to not feed him, deprive him of sleep, make him work in the rain, refuse to light the fireplace in his room (the latter 2 will make him get sick in no time) – all simultaneously. One can make him walk the dangerous streets of Arkham at night and get beaten up by thugs as well, for good measure. This should be a sufficient enough way to end Walter’s life and unlock this achievement. In latter stages of the game, the player can also drive Walter insane. If Walter has rat poison in his possession, he will try to end his life once his sanity drops to 0.0. Even if drinking the poison doesn’t kill the protagonist, it will take a good chunk of his health and finishing him off should not pose any problems. A good way to lose sanity is to witness Azathoth.

06. Imposter

Forge the student card

On the 3rd of March, a note should appear on the university’s corkboard regarding a missing student’s card. The player can ask the librarian upstairs about the owner of the missing card, Allison Whitman, and be pointed to her (a young woman with black hair, dressed in a blue sweater/blouse + brown skirt). Her location might be random, she can be either in the library’s main area, somwhere in the back the library (looking at the exhibition or between the bookshelves), or even downstairs in the archives. Walter can then ask her about the missing card and will have to retrace 3 areas, in which Allison could have lost her card. The card can be either found in one of the two books Allison studied in the library, in one of the archives downstairs, or in the auditorium. Once Walter finds the card, he must not return it to Allison, but keep it instead. He should buy a razor for the price of $1 and return home to obtain the family photo hanging on the wall of his room. With these items in his possession, he should visit his neighbor Joe, in order to actually forge the card. Walter will need to use the razor on Allison’s student card to get rid of her photo, then pick up a pair of scissors (to cut out his own portrait from the family photo in his inventory) and a can of glue (to complete the process). From now on, Walter will be known to the librarian as Allison Whitman and is free to borrow books.

Note that doing this will most likely prevent the player from meeting up with Allison to study together and/or to get the achievement “A Friend in Need: Allison”. After forging the card on one of my playthroughs, the option to ask her to study together was never available to me.

07. Bookworm

Get an A+ from an exam

This can easily be achieved by studying hard for the first exam. Apart from raising Walter’s exam points to 10.0, it is imperative not to have him suffer from negative effects such as “very tired” or “scratched”. Stats colored in yellow/red will have a negative effect on the answers, even if Walter answers all the questions correctly. If both of these conditions are assured, Walter can take the exam and be sure of scoring as high as it is possible. The only thing left is to answer the questions correctly. Unless the player has a good memory and remembers whatever Walter mumbles to himself while studying for the exams (or whatever he learns during the guaranteed lecture) or is good with physics/math/google searching, it might be a little bit hard to know the answers for these questions. Fortunately, whenever Walter answers correctly, the game will indicate that to the player by making Walter say something along the lines of “this one I know” or “easy”. If Walter remains silent after the player picks one of the answers, then it was a wrong one and there will be a need to reload a previous save.

08. Genius

Math 10.0

Raising Walter’s math skill can be done in two primary ways. The most obvious choice is to make him study his math books. As the process is rather slow, at a later stage of the game, Walter will dream of an alien dimension with strange physics. Correctly solving the simple puzzle here will reward him with the knowledge of mathematics. The puzzle that grants the achievement called “Higher Learning” will double the points gained. This is an achievement that will take time and is best to be worked on during the “no occult points” playthrough, as to make it a bit more interesting and also because such a high math skill isn’t required for any other achievement.

09. A Friend in Need: Elwood

Tell Elwood about your strange experiences

Elwood moves into the Witch House in the early days of April. Walter might catch him in the process or be told about a new lodger by Joe. For the achievement, simply knock on Elwood’s door to be invited in and have a few conversations (about Arkham, telling jokes) during the course of a few nights. Eventually, the students will become friends, and Walter will be able to tell Elwood about his strange experiences. In return, Elwood will let him know about Armitage’s interest in the occult (if Walter hasn’t discovered that himself yet).

10. A Friend in Need: Allison

Tell Allison about your strange experiences

This is a companion achievement to the Elwood one, but is a bit more complicated. Walter will not be able to meet up with Allison as often as he can with Elwood. He will have to ask her to “study together” first, then wait until the weekend, so that they can meet up at the cafe and either study (to increase the exam skills) or talk (to get this achievement). Walter will have to spend a few studying sessions with Allison in order to confide in her, and the reward will be the same as in the case of Elwood. The problem is that Allison sometimes will not meet up with Walter (when an exam is right around the corner) and Walter will be forced to wait until he can ask her about it again. He will also have to know what the next exam is about and what book is required to be studied. To counter this, the player can start building the friendship between the two as soon as Walter finds and delivers the missing student card to Allison. Keep in mind, that if he forges his card by using Allison’s one, the option to study with her might become unavailable.

11. Rumors of Old

Get the full story from Joe

After getting the hammer required to seal the rathole in Walter’s room, our protagonist will be warned by Joe that there is something wrong with his room. To investigate the matter further, Walter will have to get Joe drunk. During the search for the hammer, one can discover some whisky bottles lying around the apartment. When confronted about them, Joe will mention a certain location, which will become available for Walter to visit. A young man can be asked about the alcohol there, but Walter will have to bribe him into arranging the deal, by presenting his student card (legitimate or forged) and a pack of cigarettes. This will allow Walter to come later at night and buy alcohol from Pete for $3, so it does require a considerable amount of funds, especially early on in the game. With a bottle of whisky in his hand, Walter can now visit Joe and make him spill the beans. I shouldn’t mention that it is best to save the game now. The hardest part starts here, as Walter must manage asking questions and pouring alcohol the way, so that he doesn’t make Joe too drunk. Unfortunately, I cannot present the solution that works every time, but the general idea is to watch how many GLUGs Joe performs. The combination of the amount of these in a quick or slow succession will either make Joe talkative or wasted. Once Joe is ready to talk, he will ask: “So whaddya wanna know?” – this indicates that Walter can ask about one of the interesting topics regarding the Witch House. However, if Joe starts to get hiccups, it means he’s about to get drunk and Walter should not pour him any more whisky until he gets a bit sober again (Joe will straighten up). It might take a few tries, as the minigame is randomized every time. If the player doesn’t get the full story on the first try (I am not sure if that is possible, I managed to ask Joe about two out of three topics the first time I spoke to him and had to return with another bottle of whisky some time later), more alcohol will be needed. It can either be bought again from Pete, found in the cave under the island (random) or in the cupboard of Mrs. Dombrowski’s apartment (also random).

12. Eavesdropper

Listen to the conversation at the island

Walter will have to discover the “Unvisited Island” location first. During one of his shopping expeditions, he will encounter the old crone, Keziah Mason standing near the pharmacy. If he follows her, he will end up in the location of interest. However, in order to get to the island, Walter will need a boat. There is one conveniently placed on the shore. Alas, it belongs to a fisherman who will be available at the location during the day, granted that it isn’t raining. He will allow Walter to use it if the protagonist manages to fix a huge hole that is the result of carelessness of the last person who has used the boat. Walter can buy the necessary items (a sheet of tin and a can of tar) at the store ($5 in total). A sheet of tin can also be obtained by stealing the advetisement sign attached to the pharmacy building’s wall. During the night, under cover of darkness. Walter then needs to apply both items on the boat and wait until the next day to be able to finally get to the island. For the achievement, Walter must wait until the evening – he should be able to see lights among the stones on the island. He can then swim towards them and listen in on the conversation between two men present there.

13. Spelunker

Enter the cave

This achievement involves solving the island puzzle that opens the entrance to the cave. Walter obviously must first get to the island by fixing the boat. He will, however, require a few more items in order to be able to explore the secret cave. The first item is a flashlight, so that he can see in the pitch black darkness. It can be purchased for $4 at the store, “borrowed” from Mrs. Dombrowski’s apartment (random) or received as one of the gifts from aunt Margaret on day 2. The second item is a strange rod mentioned to Walter by the fisherman, the owner of the boat. The fisherman will require some convincing however, in the form of food or cigarettes. Once provided with one of these items (it is ranom which one will he ask for), he will point Walter to the Miskatonic University, precisely – the archives. Once there, Walter should ask the old man in charge about the person in interest – he will be instructed to search a relevant box in the archives, which Walter can find by checking it up in the logbook. Inside of the box, Walter will find a strange rod, which he can, simply put, steal. The last needed piece is the solution on how to solve the stone puzzle. Walter can obtain it once he dreams of being in the witch’s hut for the first time. He must approach the wall in the back and investigate the strange octagon sign. Once he wakes up, he will have instructions written in his notes. Starting from the stone that has the same sign as the note in Walter’s possession, he has to draw the octagon by interacting with the stones in the right order. While the clue makes it much easier, it is entirely possible to skip the whole dream sequence by trail and error. First, Walter must insert the rod into the stone on the left. Once that is done, he can start pressing the buttons. If the player doesn’t know which button is the correct (first) one, the game will indicate it when Walter interacts with it. The right button will make a CLANK sound. Once that is done, start going clockwise, skipping two stones and pressing the button of the third one until the puzzle is complete.

In this case, Walter is standing in front of the first button. The next button that he needs to press is located on the third stone when going clockwise, connected with a purple line.

14. Alchemist

Make a chemistry potion

This is something that will most likely come naturally, as creating the witch’s oil potion will come in handy if the player would like to travel to the places that Walter gets put into in his dreams. Walter can create a potion much sooner than that though. He must either borrow the book called “Beginners Guide to Chemistry” or receive it from aunt Margaret on day 2, then read it 5 times in total. Negative status effects don’t have an impact on understanding the book, so it can be read even when Walter is starving and very tired, and the result will be the same as it would be if he was in perfect condition. Walter can borrow the book straight away, without looking at the chemistry set and adding the “learning chemistry” entry to his to-do list. Once the book is read, Walter can finally create potions. The easiest one would be “rat poison”. The recipe for that can be found after inspecting the rat poison item that Walter should obtain at the very early stages of the game. The necessary ingredients will be available to him in the auditorium, locked up in a cabinet next to the chemistry set. To open the cabinet, Walter can use the pointer on the latch visible after close inspection of the cabinet. Once it is open, snatch the ingredients, use the chemistry set and follow the recipe. Walter will be successful in creating 3 doses of rat poison and thus unlock the achievement.

15. Exterminator

Kill Brown Jenkin

A fairly straightforward achievement that involves lots of planks and rat poison. Once Walter gets bitten for the first time, he will be able to talk to Mrs. Dombrowski, who is going to suggest him to buy a can of rat poison. One can might not be sufficient enough, so the player can either buy another one or brew the potion themselves. A plank can be bought for $1. Sometimes, Walter will be able to find one in Joe’s apartment or in other various places, such as the witch’s hut. With a little persistence and sealing the rathole with a new poison-drenched plank every time the previous gets devoured, Brown Jenkin will eventually drop dead. It might happen after a month, so it will definitely take some time. It is good to collect Jenkin’s carcass as evidence for Armitage. Walter can go downstairs and pick up a dirty rag from a bucket standing in a corner next to the entrance of the Witch House. He will then turn it into a sack, a container in which Jenkin can be transported.

16. Occultist

Finish reading a Special Collection book

In order to be able to read a book from the Special Collection, Walter will have to submit the first part of his theory to Armitage (25 points). To even begin working on the theory, Walter must have some occult knowledge already, which can be gained from various titles such as “The Magus” or “Anthropogenesis”. A full list can be found in the library in the “index” section. Once Walter finishes the first part of his theory and presents it to Armitage, he will be able to ask for permission to access the Special Collection. He must know the title of the book he wants to read first though – this can always be found in the index section, under the “Special Collection” category. It will take around three separate visits/requests to finish whatever book Walter requests.

17. Scholar

Finish all parts of your theory

Walter must finish all 3 parts of his theory in order to gain this achievement. The first part will requires 25 points, 2nd – 40, and the last one – 70. The higher the occult knowledge Walter possesses, the more points of progress will be awarded every time he works on his theory. It is therefore advised to work on the second and third part of the theory later on, as it will be a much faster process.

18. Occult Investigator

Gather all the evidence for Armitage

It is best to start working on this achievement as soon as possible, as it requires a fair amount of evidence to be collected. In order to be able to talk to Armitage about Walter’s strange experiences, the protagonist must be sure of professor’s interest in occult. The player should present Walter’s theory to Armitage even if the first part isn’t even finished, so that they can look freely around the office. There will be three objects of interest, that will assure Walter, that Armitage is the right person to talk to. For example, it can be a newspaper article hidden under a messy pile of books, a little statue of Dagon or a yellow book titled “The King in Yellow”. It isn’t hard to find any of these items and once Walter inspects all 3, a new option will be available during a conversation with the professor. After picking it, Walter will be finally able to talk about his dreams and whatnot. The evidence can be collected at different stages of the game. The evidence that is required to trigger the achievement:

– telling Armitage about all 4 dreams (the witch’s hut, the alien city, the alien dimension with strange physics, the cosmic island and the black void) and presenting him the object that appears in Walter’s bedroom after completing the dream in the alien city (Walter must take a look at the the city itself on the balcony and be attacked by a gang of aliens + Kesiah) – the object might be optional, but it is best to present it regardless

– information on the rat that invades Walter’s room at night and finally presenting Brown Jenkin’s dead carcass (the carcass also might be optional, but it is highly advised to bring it here)

– telling Armitage, that Walter has witnessed the witch

– presenting all the rumors and stories told to Walter by Joe

– a newspaper article that covers a topic of a missing child, found in the archives after obtaining the relevant information from a random person (after asking them about Keziah Mason and Brown Jenkin) – every playthrough will have a random person that is going to inform Walter about the article. For example, the person might be Allison or the newspaper boy. They will tell Walter about the story that they have read in an x newspaper, n years ago – Walter will have to find the appropriate newspaper in the archives at the university. the month will always be the same, however – April.

– transcripts of the Salem witch trials that involve Keziah Mason – found in the archives at the university, under the Essex County Records —> Salem Court Records category. Walter will have to answer a few question to Armitage later on, such as Keziah Mason’s “nickname” or how she described Nyarlathotep

– letting Armitage know about the island, the cave, the ritual site, showing him the rod & the letter found among the ashes, under the cauldron at the site

Once all these are presented, the achievemnt should unlock. After presenting Armitage a few of these, he will present Walter with a choice of discontinuing his investigation. Obviously, Walter should disagree and continue playing the detective’s role. Providing Armitage with even more evidence will trigger him to tell Walter about the Elder Sign and by reading which book exactly can he gain the knowledge of creating said sign. Even more evidence will ensure, that Armitage is going to mention the book that can grant Walter the ability to open dimensional portals. Walter can be lucky enough to have read these books by himself at that time, but if not, this is a great way of gaining such knowledge. Granted that Walter provides enough evidence for Armitage but doesn’t learn how to open portals before the professor leaves Arkham and goes to Dunwich, the instructions will be left at the librarian’s desk.

19. Arcane Protection

Make the Elder Sign

Walter will need some witch’s oil (the best way to obtain it is to steal some from the cave located underneath the island) and the knowledge to create the Elder Sign itself. He can either read about it from a Special Collection book (the book is chosen at random at the beginning of a playthrough and doesn’t change after reloading a save) or learn it from a note found in the cigarette case. The case can be obtained by releasing “The Unnamable” from its prison pit (Walter will get hurt and lose a chunk of sanity if he doesn’t get out of the cave fast enough after releasing it). Once the abomination is loose, Walter can go down the ladder into its lair and collect the case, which can later be opened with a chisel (found in Joe’s apartment, most likely inside a toolbox). The note can have either the information on how to make the Elder Sign, how to create a dimensional portal or how to finish the alien dimension with strange physics puzzle. It is advised to save the game before attempting to open the case and reload if the reward isn’t to the player’s liking. Once Walter knows how to create the Sign, simply do so underneath his bed and the achievement will unlock.

20. Dimensional Traveller

Travel through the dimensional portal

Probably the most useful ability that Walter can learn, as it will allow him to freely travel to the places he visits in his dreams. Walter can either luck out and read a Special Collection book containg the knowledge by accident, be told which book is it by Armitage and then read it, or learn about the dimensional travel from the notes found in the cigarette case found in the cave underneath the island. In the worst case scenario, granted that Walter provides Armitage with enough evidence, he will be provided with direct instructions a few days before the May-Eve (Armitage will leave for Dunwich and leave the instructions for Walter at the librarian’s desk). To create a portal, Walter will also require the witch’s oil potion (which can be obtained from the aforementioned cave) and to have some understanding of math (4.0 points should be sufficient). He will then be able to create a portal on the wall of his room. Once he enters the portal and travels to any of the locations, the achievement shall unlock.

21. Higher Learning

Complete the astral challenge

The information on how to solve the challenge (which is the second stage of the music puzzle that Walter dreams about) can be found in one of the Special Collection books or in the cigarette case found in the cave underneath the island. It is unknown to me how Walter can learn which book exactly will provide him with this knowledge, therefore I would suggest saving before opening the cigarette case and getting the solution that way. Completing the astral challenge grants +0.6 math and -0.3 sanity and can be repeated, but the achievement requires the player to complete it just once.

Now it is possible to trick the game into revealing which book exactly holds the information on the challenge. By opening the cigarette case and finding the instructions therein, Walter will make a note that the player can find in their inventory. It will be the exact same note that he would take after reading the correct Special Collection book. One can simply write down the name of the book for themselves and read it later on, reloading a previous save file and getting the award that they want more (for example, the ability to open dimensional portals). Walter will find the information in that book, as whatever knowledge he can find in whichever book is randomized at the start of a playthrough and doesn’t change later on. Keep in mind, that this reward seems to be the rarest and might require many reloads in order for Walter to finally find these instructions in the case.

This is the note that I obtained from the cigarette case. It states, that the knowledge can be found in The Book of Eibon. On this playthrough of mine, De Vermis Mysteriis granted me the knowledge of creating portals, while the information on how to make the Elder Sign was found in Unaussprechlichen Kulten.

22. Sign the Booke!

Sign the Book of Azathoth

Walter will have the opportunity to sign the book at numerous occassions – in dreams. A simple signature will grant the achievement. I haven’t tested what are the exact repercussions of performing this action, but I imagine it doesn’t lead to anything good, especially if the player would like to see a happy ending to the story of Walter Gilman.

23. The Blind Idiot God

See Azathoth

To witness Azathoth, Walter must create a portal in his room and travel to the cosmic island and the black void place. Once there, simply wait for the arrival of the abomination. It shouldn’t take more than one minute for Azathoth to emerge from the black void. Walter will be put back to his room, lose 10.0 points of sanity (effectively granting the player the “Lunatic” achievement), gain 5.0 points of occult (greatly helps with the “Master Occultist” achievement) and try to commit suicide from going insane. If he has rat poison in his possession, he will drink it, which will damage him for around 6 points of health, so be mindful, that this process might have fatal consequences.

Azathoth might also be witnessed at the very end of the game. If Walter doesn’t stop the ritual and is put on the black void island with Nyarlathotep to keep him company. Walter will be unable to escape this time, even if he knows how to open dimensional portals, thus being forced to either sign the book or await Azathoth himself. However, this method currently doesn’t unlock the achievement.

24. Lunatic

Sanity 0.0

A great way to unlock this achievement is to witness Azathoth (“The Blind Idiot God” achievement). If the player doesn’t want to do that, lowering Walter’s sanity to 0.0 is still a fairly easy task. Reading the occult books, not getting enough sleep, having strange dreams, travelling through dimensional portals, getting caught by the creature in the alien city, releasing The Unnamable Abomination in the cave – there are many ways of doing that and getting this achievement.

25. Master Occultist

Occult 10.0

Again, Azathoth can really come in handy here, which is very considerate of him. Studying the occult books (especially the Special Collection ones) paired with Azathoth’s aid will grant this achievement easily. If the player doesn’t want to get the achievement this way, they can simply study the books. For maximum efficiency, they should ensure that Walter is in good condition and nothing impares his studying abilities.

26. Ugly Truth

Tell Anastasia that Pete’s no good

Walter will be able to tell Anastasia the truth about Pete once Ladislas is kidnapped. Walter must arrange the whisky deal, visit Pete and ask him about the missing child. Pete will reveal his true foul intentions towards the woman. It is important to also buy the alcohol and not just talk to Pete, as it will be necessary as evidence. On the next day, Walter can return to the location and knock on Anastasia’s door. Asking about Pete will open the option of telling Anastasia, that Pete is selling whisky again – the woman will demand to be presented with the proof of these allegations. Since Walter has the whisky in his inventory, he can show it to Anastasia, and once he does, he can follow up with the option of revealing “Pete’s plan to get to Anastasia”. I am unsure if Walter actually has to buy the bootleg bottle of whisky from Pete or is it possible to obtain it from another source and still show it to Anastasia as proof, but at this stage of the game, it shouldn’t be a problem to actually purchase the alcohol directly from the man, especially if the player plays on “easy” difficulty.

27. Mystery Hero

Rescue the child

As the name of the achievement suggests, Walter must become the “Mystery Hero”, meaning that the child, Ladislas, must be rescued before the May Eve. If he is rescued during the ritual, the identity of his savior will be obvious and won’t grant the player this achievement. Ladislas can be saved by taking him directly from the witch’s hut and delivering him either to Anastasia or the orphanage (while this doesn’t matter in regards to the achievement, it is easy enough to learn that he is the child of Anastasia and he should be reunited with his mother for a heartwarming ending). The only real condition that needs to be met is for Walter to be able to create a dimensional portal in his room and travel to the witch’s hut when Keziah isn’t present there. After picking up the child and exiting through the portal, Walter will automatically carry the boy to safety.

28. The Witch Is Dead

Kill Keziah Mason

In order to be able to resist Keziah Mason’s influence, Walter’s sanity will have to be at least at 6.0 points. During the May Eve, he will be teleported into the witch’s hut and stand with a dagger in his hand, instructed to sacrifice either Ladislas or a rooster. Walter must stab Keziah with the dagger (he will lose 2 points of health in the process) and then proceed to strangle her with a chain. The chain can be obtained by pulling down a candle holder to the right of the room. Keep in mind that if the police successfully raid the ritual site and stop the cultists, Walter will gain around 2 points of sanity, therefore he can have a little bit less than 6 on the May Eve. Returning Ladislas to Anastasia will grant Walter around 3.7 points of sanity, so it might be a good way of preparing for the confrontation.

29. Freeze!

Stop the ritual

In order to be able to stop the rital, Walter will have to gather evidence found in the cave to Armitage first, so that he will vouch for Walter and he speaks to the police about raiding the island. When talking to the police officer, that can be found in the Downtown location, Walter will have to mention the upcoming ritual and instead of taking the policemen to the site, show the officer 3 pieces of evidence: the strange rod that will allow them to open the passage, the assembled letter depicting an octagon star, and tell that Armitage knows about it and can confirm that Walter speaks the truth. If the gang is onto Walter and attacks him at night, Walter should still refrain from telling the police about this and simply avoid night strolls, as apprehending the men might make the cultists suspicious enough to relocate. The achievement will unlock once the cutscene of police raiding the ritual site on the May-Eye plays out.

30. There Is Hope

Get the best ending

For this ending to unfold, Walter must rescue Ladislas and deliver him to Anastasia (not the orphanage), make the police raid the ritual site underneath the island on the May-Eve, kill Keziah Mason during the ritual (Walter must be able to resist her influence: be considerably sane and have not signed the book of Azathoth) and escape by either trapdoor or by creating a dimensional portal on the slab to the right of the room.


As mentioned earlier in the introduction, this guide is still being worked on and I am aware it is far from being perfect. I have decided to publish it sooner, so that certain achievements can be looked up and even if the descriptions aren’t as detailed as I would like them to be (yet, hopefully), they should provide enough information for people seeking those in regards to the achievements. I am available for testing and to answer questions, should anyone have them. I would like to apology in advance if my instructions don’t grant the reader the achievement they seek – mistakes shall be corrected. Thank you for your understanding.

This guide about Dreams in the Witch House was written by Vermentine. You can visit the original publication from this link. If you have any concerns about this guide, please don't hesitate to reach us here.

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